Crime in Trinidad & Tobago

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Crime in Trinidad & Tobago

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Author: CrimeWriter

Concerned citizens of Trinidad & Tobago bringing awareness about the serious crime situation within the country.

13 thoughts on “Crime in Trinidad & Tobago”

  1. The perpetual plague of serious crime and galloping widespread lawlessness here can be prevented provided the contents of the letter below are is dealt with in an appropriate and pragmatic soon as possible.

    It is bad enough here having the Mr Bigs of the local criminal fraternity ruling the roost but when politicians the successors of the pioneers of our main political party since our independence , who don’t know what the hell they are doing, It is therefore time to restructure our political ideology. Those now present in the corridors of power are still making promises they could never fulfill and are using the same old tactics of pulling the wool over the eyes of our vulnerable ordinary citizens. [Political injections and prejudice statements removed]

    We have galloping , serious crimes and general lawlessness, at an alarming rate , inadequate police system and prison systems which needs complete reform, the economy in a mess, perpetual conflict between politicians on both sides of the fence, racial discontentment .Moreover we have here a notorious citizen wanted by the FBI and Interpol for alleged corruption and money laundering still walking in freedom on this island,and still appearing in the limelight ,having his say in political matters . Why is this?.

    Here too, the public is living in fear of their lives.There are growing poverty and unemployment which in the long run will lead to more crime, There are inadequate essential facilities such as youth training programs and facilities, together with a shortage of good medical care ,welfare and recreation facilities including development of the environment etc.

    We now also have a recognized terrorist movement and school children behaving badly and showing tendencies of becoming criminals. Now please tell me what is right here? .

    What else is needed here before draconian measures are taken to rid our society of the political menace ,it doctrine an beliefs that has led to all these perpetual adversities?. What are we waiting for ?. I am all ears. Is it the fall into the abyss?.

  2. They should stiffen the penal if you get caught with a g gun you go direct to jail no bail no hearing 3years H labor second time 7years hard labor and they should bring back the Deth penal

  3. I say that it is now paramount to restore the death penalty and start in executing those on death row who have been found guilty of deliberately setting out to kill. With the stroke of a pen this will stem the flow of murders here and may also help in lowering the high level of lawlessness .Politicians here must not continue to falling in line with the doctrine of the human rights organization where murders are concerned here. Doing so ,is simply at the expense of the lives of many of our innocent citizens here.

  4. The current approach by the newly appointed Commissioner of Police here of deliberately killing criminals is not what is expected in any democracy and is definitely wrong. We should be able by now,after over 56 years of independence be able to deal with our crime problems here in a just manner. Killing criminals deliberately is a sign of failure by the police and the politicians here to enforce proper law and order following the principles and procedures of a democratic nation.
    We apparently never learn from our past mistakes ,which in this case is noticeable,still in the minds of many of our older citizens when the policy of deliberately killing criminals were the norm and introduced by Randolph Burroughs a notorious Commissioner of Police here, who in the end was harshly critcised for his approach and tactics in dealing with local criminals. It however, had no lasting effect as is evident today.

  5. The applauding and glamouring or supporting the one shot one kill policy of the new commissioner of police is of course acceptable if used in defense of a policeman’s life. However, setting out purposely with the deliberate intention of killing criminals by encouraging or enticing them into conflict is beyond the principles and expectation of good policing and enforcing law and order, which seem to be implemented here on many recent occasions.

    This one shot one kill policy seems to be an attempt to reintroduce the Randolph Burroughs policy of dealing with criminals which in the end was an analyzed and adversely criticized and made no lasting difference to our crime scenario.

  6. It is really pointless wishing any ordinary citizens here a happy new year. In fact one could classified this greeting here to ordinary folks a merely a habit of wishful thinking. Ordinary citizens here have to contend themselves w each year rising crime, which of course includes the wilful brutal slaughter of many innocent citizens, and next year is going to be no different.

    The rich,wealthy and those politicians who live in posh or gated communities are well protected . One hardly ever hear of the murder of one of these citizens.It would appear that they are also protected to a great extent by the police.
    Next year will start off with a wild murder spree in January as a signal of what to expect for the remainder of the year, and by the end of the year we will again be either breaking another record or retaining the same level of murders and serious crimes including corruption that we had this year.

    However despite this,the politicians now in the corridors of power here do nothing lasting or meaningful to stem the flow of for instance murders. This capital crime could be reduced here annually by restoring the death penalty. However, pleading to this government to restore the death penalty is like talking to deaf folks .

    It is like water running off a ducks back. They know what is wrong here but do not really care about the lives of ordinary citizens otherwise they would have already taken the right steps to halt especially the continuous murder spree that is going on here.
    The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes ,and the records of to the past decades especially when the PNM political party is in power speaks for itself.

    Happy new year ,and to our ordinary citizens take this greeting with a big pinch of rock salt, and brace yourselves for more of the same you had last year,perhaps even worse. The greeting of ‘Happy New Year ‘here is meaningless and merely a traditional habit.

    1. Trinidad & Tobago has an endless way to walk in order to maintain law and order. The whole security system has to be reorganized. The coastguards have to be part of a national security police in order to prevent crime like illegal import of weapons and drugs. The penal system is another problem. Without death penalty criminals laugh about penalties. A lot must be done in order to make T&T a better place. Cooperate with countries like Guyana and have labour camps in the forest instead of having criminals idling in prison cells. Of course it looks good to have a police or a coast guards commander with a pretty uniform. Much better than the pretty uniform is the efficiency of the police. T&T needs efficient plain cloth detectives. I always love at those who pretend to be passengers in Tobago. You know right away they are not passengers, even though they are sitting between the departing passengers. Sometimes they are successful. They catch British boys or German boy who bought drugs. Often not knowing this is illegal in T&T. However, these boys would have been caught in Britain or Germany anyway. What this inefficient police is not doing catching the drug dealers before they can sell drugs to foreigners.

  7. There are limits on law and order here enforced by our local police . The police here by the looks of it are quite contented to arrest,charge and lockup most petty offenders by the dozens. They appear to turn a blind eye to the big fish and this attitude is generated and seemly supported and approved by the politicians now in the corridors power and senior members off our justice system .

    It is unbelievable that on a small island measuring 40miles by 60 miles with a population of only 1.3 million citizens and a police force of around 7000 men that criminals here are allowed to rule the roost. Murderers here are allowed to slaughter anyone they wish to kill without any hindrance or deterrent.

    There have been a multitude of calls here for the government to restore the death penalty in order to stem the flow of our high rate of killings, but for reasons unknown the present brigade of PNM politicians have so far failed to acknowledge these request from the public. Without proper government control of law and order the nation is always going to be held to ransom by the professional and hardened criminals.

    Seemingly the politicians, lawyers and the police assists in the perpetual development of crime here by doing whatever they want provided it has some financial gain or satisfies the big fish of the criminal world here. Here for example, we have a notorious personality one of many, who have been alleged to have dabbled in international corruption on an enormous scale ,now wanted by the FBI and Interpol but is still allowed o walk as a free man on this island,and believe it or not is still recognized here by some influential figures as innocent of his alleged crime, despite his failure to defend himself in a court of law .
    This even though, at the expense of harming the relationship between the USA and Trinidad in respect of the extradition agreement is ignored. This one case helps in destroying the image of this nation and our people in the eyes of outsiders.

    The appointment of a new Commissioner of police with a policty of one shot one kill where criminal are concerned here is only helping to further tarnish the image of our nation as a rogue democracy. The strange thing about it all is that our politicians are failing to see the damage they are doing to this society by standing by uselessly and obviously approving to all these internal adversities.

  8. I will predict that the Prime ,Minister tonight will treat serious crimes here ,including murders as a normal everyday events. .He will lament over it, however he will not say anything about restoring the death penalty but may still say that the police force is doing a fine job in dealing with crime here.and praising our justice system.

    The only honest thing the Prime Minister can say in his speech to the nation with regards the next general election is that he and his politicians have made a complete mess of all important aspects to do with politics in this nation since the last election especially with regards to blatant lawlessness and serious crime and corruption here.

    The PNM has done absolutely nothing constructive,meaningful or lasting to combat our pattern of serious crimes here. He will however,still try to convince the nation that everything is going to be fine if he allowed another spell in office.This will just be pulling the wool over the eyes of his supporters and our vulnerable citizens.

    He will most probably too,blame the opposition for his party blunders and emphasize that the only way he can put things right to vote the PNM back into power in 2020. What he should really do is hang up his boots and try to dismantle the PNM in a pragmatic manner which has now past its sell by date.

    Since the PNM political party came to power it has spent over 46 years of our 56 years of our independence without really enhancing the living standards and conditions of our ordinary citizens. It has together with a police force which has now become a law unto itself , turned this nation into a haven for criminals which is clearly evident by our perpetual annual high crime rate especially with regards to murders and corruption as the records will show.In addition to this, our justice system now lie in tatters with even the Chief Justice now facing allegations of corruption.

    It is therefore time that the PNM be removed from our politics where they have now become an obstacle to progress of the advancement of our ordinary citizens and this nation. These citizens are now experiencing growing unemployment, living in fear of their lives, and are now faced with growing poverty as never before.Most will in the end, have no choice, but to join the ever growing criminal bandwagon in order to survive.

    It is now time to gave another party a long spell in office, to see the difference in the progress , and display how to govern and regain security,reduce crime and regain the trust of our citizens in this democratic nation.

  9. I am sorry that I have to pour cold water on the ‘one shot one kill’ policy introduced by the new commissioner police here and which is supported by our politicians. . This is despite that in the eyes of some members of our political regime and other citizens it appears to be working. Criminals here are not all amateurs ,most are violent professionals , well established and hardened criminals. They will in the end find a way of dealing effectively with this new idea of shoot to kill by the police, and this ‘one shot one kill’ idea will in the long run end in disaster for this nation . The already tarnished image of Trinidad will suffer further blackening especially in the eyes of foreign observers.

    The authorities here have not learned from their predecessors past mistakes . Decades ago politicians here supported a similar policy when Mr Burroughs the then commissioner of police decided that a shoot to kill policy would eliminate our harden criminals and even put an end to certain aspects of corruption. It is now obvious that both the then politicians, and Mr Burroughs were wrong.The enforcement of his policy has had no lasting effect on the crime scenario here especially with regards to our continuous climbing murder rate. In the end he was severely criticized for his method used in his endeavor to halt the rapid growth of serious crime here.

    Without a deterrent such as death penalty, sentencing killers to life imprisonment here as the record clearly shows has made no difference to our perpetual annual high murder rate and the expansion of serous crimes here. It is therefore advisable to restore the death penalty and commence the hanging of those convicted killers on death row in order to stem the flow of murders here. To continue to enforce and support the ‘one shot one kill ‘policy here is going to have a drastic effect of this nation,and reflect badly on our politicians and our citizens sooner than later..

    Those in political positions of authority here must bear in mind that we are a democracy and not yet a police state or a dictatorship where one is most likely to encounter a shoot to kill policy by the local police force.

  10. Having a good insight as to what is going on here with regards to our politics and crime, and bearing in mind that the government has so far failed to do anything really effective to stem the flow of corruption ,serious crimes and especially murders here a change of government is urgently needed and well overdue.

    I am not saying that there will be an immediate change to the pattern of what is presently happening to this nation ,but given as much time as the PNM has spent governing this nation there would be hope for some significant changes to present chaos this nation has now to content with.

    The restoration of the death penalty by the stoke of a pen should immediately reduce the murder rate here . However the most threatening crime to our politics its stability and our society is corruption at the higher level of our nation especially within our public ministries. We now need a special unit of devoted detectives within the fraud squad to deal with this flourishing aspect of crime here,otherwise corruption will continue to be a leading crime here but will not be reflected annually in our crime statistics.

    This is because there appear to be a cartel of professional experts within our society who have now developed sophisticated techniques and carefully planned underhand methods used now in committing the crime of corruption here, which is making it almost impossible to unravel and pinpoint the main culprit.

    The main problem is that within this cartel of crooks many are in positions of authority and wear the masks of respectability . These individuals can now be found even among those who are suppose to administer our justice system. Each year it has become more difficult to prevent these crooks from milking the nation of its wealth and as the techniques used in implementing this crime improves the task of catching the looters become even more difficult.

    Now in many cases where minor incidents of corruption have been discovered the matter is quickly swept under the carpet with the sole intention of halting any further investigation into the matter which may lead to more advanced knowledge of how the system is operated and who at the higher level is involved.

    Any hope of bringing about the true progress and advancement of our politics and that of the living standards and conditions of our citizens depends very much on the eradication of the torment and evils of the crime of corruption here.

    We presently have among our society citizens who are well know for their association with the crime of corruption and who are protected by the law and some of our politicians and are allowed the same freedom of our law abiding citizens.

    Corruption is has now become part and parcel of or culture and is now a regular event occurring here.We are now faced with distinguished citizens in positions of authority blatantly committing this crime and considering themselves above the law.

    In order to bring about effective political changes here with a hopeful and justified future in our society and especially in or politics a the crime of corruption must be dealt with in a serious but special manner.

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