Crime in Trinidad & Tobago

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Crime in Trinidad & Tobago

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Author: CrimeWriter

Concerned citizens of Trinidad & Tobago bringing awareness about the serious crime situation within the country.

5 thoughts on “Crime in Trinidad & Tobago”

  1. The perpetual plague of serious crime and galloping widespread lawlessness here can be prevented provided the contents of the letter below are is dealt with in an appropriate and pragmatic soon as possible.

    It is bad enough here having the Mr Bigs of the local criminal fraternity ruling the roost but when politicians the successors of the pioneers of our main political party since our independence , who don’t know what the hell they are doing, It is therefore time to restructure our political ideology. Those now present in the corridors of power are still making promises they could never fulfill and are using the same old tactics of pulling the wool over the eyes of our vulnerable ordinary citizens. [Political injections and prejudice statements removed]

    We have galloping , serious crimes and general lawlessness, at an alarming rate , inadequate police system and prison systems which needs complete reform, the economy in a mess, perpetual conflict between politicians on both sides of the fence, racial discontentment .Moreover we have here a notorious citizen wanted by the FBI and Interpol for alleged corruption and money laundering still walking in freedom on this island,and still appearing in the limelight ,having his say in political matters . Why is this?.

    Here too, the public is living in fear of their lives.There are growing poverty and unemployment which in the long run will lead to more crime, There are inadequate essential facilities such as youth training programs and facilities, together with a shortage of good medical care ,welfare and recreation facilities including development of the environment etc.

    We now also have a recognized terrorist movement and school children behaving badly and showing tendencies of becoming criminals. Now please tell me what is right here? .

    What else is needed here before draconian measures are taken to rid our society of the political menace ,it doctrine an beliefs that has led to all these perpetual adversities?. What are we waiting for ?. I am all ears. Is it the fall into the abyss?.

  2. They should stiffen the penal if you get caught with a g gun you go direct to jail no bail no hearing 3years H labor second time 7years hard labor and they should bring back the Deth penal

  3. I say that it is now paramount to restore the death penalty and start in executing those on death row who have been found guilty of deliberately setting out to kill. With the stroke of a pen this will stem the flow of murders here and may also help in lowering the high level of lawlessness .Politicians here must not continue to falling in line with the doctrine of the human rights organization where murders are concerned here. Doing so ,is simply at the expense of the lives of many of our innocent citizens here.

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