Noisy People in Trinidad and Tobago

Noise Trinidad and Tobago

If you are that inconsiderate noise maker that feels everyone should shut off their ears or take a sedative because you want to make something go bang, like fireworks, or blast your car’s horn in the middle of the night or play your awful music as loud as a heavy metal concert then let me tell you something… what you are doing is just plain evil.

There is something different about bad people who do things bad and then there is another level… the evil and wicked who know they are causing suffering and hurt but actually have a smile on their face while doing it.

What are you? Two years old that you need to hear loud sounds to be entertained?

As a father of children with special needs and a true lover of animals I can tell you that the topic of noise pollution particularly bothers me.

Especially now, when the new year is coming up and some people are hell bent on spending hundreds of dollars to see a two second flash in the sky followed by the same bang that people in Afghanistan and Iraq cry about.

When you play your loud music or shout from the street for many that sounds just like this…

Imagine sleeping and yes, I know you sleep… even heartless, wicked people sleep….

Imagine someone comes by your ear while sleeping and suddenly shouts or makes a loud bang noise… you are instantly startled, disoriented and confused.

Well, that feeling you have right there and then is exactly how you make many people and animals feel when you make your loud sounds.

What sickens me more about this is that fireworks can be made without the need to hear an explosive bang or deafening pop noise.

So if you truly are just interested in lights select those.

Do not contribute to the negative health of people and I am talking both physical and mental health by using loud fireworks, blasting your music to the max or shouting in people ears.

For those of you Trini old enough to remember… remember when maxis used to be like traveling discos?

They used to pump their music to the max until laws were introduced to stop it.

And since stopping it, many have decided to use their vehicles as traveling discos.

Sometimes, I see noisy drivers passing by and there is literally a DJ sized speaker in the back seat blasting so loud that it rattles windows.

What even makes you think you have a good taste in music?

You feel because your vehicle has amp that makes you special and cool?

Well let me inform you that for the majority of us you are merely a nuisance that should be ticketed and if you still don’t get it… jailed!

Next time you Mr and Mrs noise maker…

the next time you are trying to sleep because you have to work the next day or your child is trying to study because they have an exam…

let’s see if one of your fellow noise makers will not do their best to keep you up by playing their music loud, talking hard, or igniting fireworks because… evil just attracts evil.

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