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Trinidad & Tobago: Crime, Criminals & Prevention

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The type and frequency of crime in Trinidad and Tobago gets worst with each passing year. While there are progressive actions by local police, at the ground level, many citizens in certain areas, have to ‘look over their shoulder’ when in public or even in their own homes out of fear of being attacked by the criminal element. Women in Trinidad are often a prime target for criminals. Therefore, extra vigilance is needed. See our Videos section for visuals / opinions.

Stop Sharing Pictures Of Your Children Online

This below video is a must watch for ALL parents: Protect your children by not sharing pictures of them online especially if they have special needs!

Crime Articles

Noise Trinidad and Tobago

Noisy People in Trinidad and Tobago

If you are that inconsiderate noise maker that feels everyone should shut off their ears or take a sedative because ...
Andrea: Kidnapped and murdered, just another statistic or will Trini culture change?

Andrea: Kidnapped and murdered, just another statistic or will Trini culture change?

As the family and friends of Andrea Bharath continue mourning her senseless and horrific murder, at the hands of savages ...
Beware Of Pickpockets

Beware Of Pickpockets

Some of you might be busy people; always multitasking and having many things to do which can get you quite ...

What Other Countries Do To Control Their Murder Rate

Trinidad’s murder rate always has an impact on the population to some degree. Not only does it affect the citizens ...

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