Crazy Trinidad Drivers

Crazy Trinidad Drivers
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Crazy Trinidad Drivers

I originally learned how to drive in Trinidad, however I used to drive in the USA and UK. In both foreign places driving was a pleasure. Very rare would you encounter someone erratically driving in those countries, in fact, most kept within the bounds of the law by driving at the correct speed limit, staying within their lane and being courteous.

On the other hand, driving in Trinidad is a crazy ‘heart in your hand experience’. Almost everyday I am on the road driving and everyday I encounter delinquent to risky drivers. For instance, the roads in Trinidad are poorly maintained so there are many pot holes and depressions, oncoming drivers think it is better to drive on your lane rather than slowly approach a bad piece of road in their lane.

Trinis seem to hate the use of their indicator often choosing to just turn or swerve into your lane with no forecast of what they are going to do – you are supposed to guess.

Not in all cases, however PA… and PB… series drivers with their small old cars tend to be the most reckless on the road. Often their vehicles are poorly maintained and not fit for inspection but they try to drive them like race cars. They tend to be the least road friendly and will often cut you off while driving. Trinis don’t realize that bad driving adds to the lawless mentality that is part of our nation.

I did not mention driving in Tobago as I have never driven there but I have the suspicion it is no different than what can be experienced in Trinidad. What has been your experiences in driving in Trinidad and Tobago?

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