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Why Going Out In Groups Is Important



Trinidad is quite a small island, and even smaller when comparing it in the global map. It has a population estimate of 1.39 million people!  Within that population, there is a lot of crime occurring that claims many victims each year.  There is a certain reputation among some areas that brings fear to visitors that come near them, they are commonly referred to as ‘hot spots’. However what should you do about this situation? What will happen if you go alone into a shop?  Do you fear that you may be putting yourself at risk or not?


Sometimes, anxiety happens to all of us and it does take proper decision making in order to avoid some risks. Of course not all risks are completely avoidable but you can put  measures in place to  have yourself in a safer position. How can you determine this exactly? You investigate by analyzing where are you going, how you are going to get there and most of all, the time you are going there. Are you traveling via maxi or already have a vehicle? Does the area/place have a bad reputation of having frequent cases of crime? Is it late at night when some places become isolated? These questions can help determine how you’ll prepare and plan yourself when you go out.

Despite all of this, it may not be enough depending on the circumstances. As an example, going outside alone late at night can already put you at risk. There are less people or pedestrians around in general; giving criminals more isolation to their target so it’s easy to conduct their lawless acts. What can you do about this? As a proper alternative the best way to approach this is to go with a group of people. The more people that are with you the less chances that characters with bad intentions would want to pick you as their next victim.


This suggestion also applies ESPECIALLY when going to places at night. Surrounding yourself with familiar people and friends will create a safer environment for you and for them as well. This is why going out with other people is a better solution when you feel you’re at risk by going to a certain place at a certain time. You have to know the difference between location and time in order to decide when you should go in groups or not. Why? Simply because sometimes you might want to be alone, or to be with others depending on how you feel and this is okay!

However, it will always be recommended to go in groups when visiting certain places in Trinidad. Even in places like the cinema, mall, or shops is becoming increasingly necessary to travel with a group because you never know what is going to happen particularly when the sun is going down. Depending on the area, sometimes a little night stroll may be alright for you IF there are low crime rates in the area. If not, then you should consider twice about going out alone during the nighttime.


Why is  going in groups  so important when going outside at specific times or places? Because not only it provides you with a good and safe environment for yourself, but you can also receive certain guidance or even safety tips from friends or loved ones.

As stated in the other articles, criminals or thieves like to work in a hustle; having no interruptions to stop or hinder their progress. The more people involved with you the longer it takes them to do their work. They do not want that at all and rather pick other targets who are already alone and isolated.

Another reason that you should go with groups is because you never know exactly what is going to be your circumstances. Let’s say, for example you wish to return home after cinema with friends and your vehicle breaks down, perhaps maybe your friends can pick you up with their own vehicle to make sure you reach there safely or even assist you in repairing your vehicle if it’s a minor issue. It is good to have company having your back in case something happens, so that no one else including strangers would take advantage of your situation.

Usually, of course you’d want to go with a group or with friends because you want to lime with them. Even though that’s usually the most common way of looking at them there can be more important reasons to why you should go with them if you want to visit certain places. Does this mean you must do it every time? You don’t have to, but when it comes to certain situations the better option is to go with people whom you can socialize and feel safer with compared to strangers or those tracking you down with possible ill-intentions!

Being in the company of a group would also prevent you from being kidnapped. A lot of kidnapping cases involves the victims being already alone, which can be the lead cause of becoming targets. Even though it’s more likely to be just organized crime that involves people determined to get you, it is important to be street wise.

It does not mean that you should ALWAYS be with a group of people every single time you step a foot outside of your home, but it’s always suggested and emphasized that you should be with someone when going to specific places and times and let family know your whereabouts.


Author: CrimeWriter

Concerned citizens of Trinidad & Tobago bringing awareness about the serious crime situation within the country.

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