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Wed, 18th October, 2017 - 10:52 am GMT

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2017 Crime Stats
T&T Murders: 390 ?
T&T Kidnappings**: 7
** Ransom only

Previous Year Crime Statistics:
TT Murders: 462
TT Kidnappings: 0

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1994 to Present, Crime Statistics

Year: Murders: Kidnap**: Notes:
1994 143    
1995 122    
1996 106    
1997 101    
1998 98    
1999 93   15 were female
2000 118   24 were female
2001 151    
2002 171 29  
2003 229 51  
2004 260 28  
2005 386 58 117 murders were in the POS District with 70 in the Western District
2006 368 17  
2007 395 155  
2008 550 11 Big increase in the number of murders. A significant drop in kidnappings for ransom
2009 509 6  
2010 485 4 The month of June had the highest number of murders for the year: 55
2011 354* 2 January and July had the highest number of murders at 46 in each month
2012 383 5 According to the police the murder total for 2012 may be lower (to be verified)
2013 408 3 Woundings and shootings 542;
2014 403 2 Woundings and shootings 558. Sexual offenses: 829
2015 4103 
2016 4630Murder rate going back up.
2017 390 ?7 
* This figure is with a State of Emergency being imposed by government for approximately three months.
** Kidnapping for ransom figures only - other types of kidnapping may make this number higher. Sometimes what was originally seen as a kidnapping turned out to be another sort of crime

Other Crime Statistics

Year: Theft*: Rape**: Notes:
2008 4,483 670  
2009 5,535 642 A significant increase in break-ins / burglaries
2010 5,007 632  
2014 2592 829 Robberies: 2672
* Burglaries and break-ins only.
** Includes incest and other sexual offenses

Reported Serious Crimes

1990 (16,202), 1991 (16,157), 1992 (17,680), 1993 (19,547), 1994 (18,614), 1995 (16,783), 1996 (18,093), 1997 (16,989), 1998 (15,796), 1999 (16,260), and 2000 (17,132), and 2001 (17,133)

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Latest Trini Chat:

Name: George

Title: Police calls in the wilderness

Comments: The local police in very unlikely to get any help from the ordinary citizens here in respect of crimes committed in Trinidad. It is now far too late to expect the general public especially those from the poorer areas of our society to assist the police. Nowadays the local police are seen as their enemy.The police here have made their bed and must now lie in it. They still have the attitude of those old colonial policemen and offer protection only to those living in upper-class areas and the rich which even includes some who are corrupt. The police have been tarnished with the brush of corruption as in the past were alleged to have also dabbled in corruption. They are assisted by those in the justice and political system in applying one law for the rich and another for the poor which is now noticeable by our ordinary citizens. The important citizens of this island are also still maintaining colonial principles which are displayed by the examples they set in dealing with our ordinary lower class citizens as a whole. The calls for assistance from deprived area of this nation, even though they are strongholds of the present government are going to remain as cries in the wilderness, unless there are major reforms in the attitudes of the officials in TTPS, the justice system and some of our senior politicians who are not facing the reality of our internal situation in modern times.

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