School Children That Kill

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Written by: Geenie - 15th Jun, 2007 - 3:50am Trinidad Safety Reply
I think the media plays an integral role in promoting all the violence in schools these days. Parents are oblivious to what their children are watching on cable or when they go out with friends. Or in some cases, it is the parents who are allowing their children to view movies with questionable content, without considering the negative impact that the swearing and violence, could have on their impressionable minds. The children may interpret this swearing and violence as daring, exciting, easy and acceptable behaviour, that is worth mimicking. With this in mind, they choose to emulate what they see and incorporate it into their own lives, without regarding the consequences of their actions. Parents have also lost touch with their children by not spending quality time with them. School children are also subjected to domestic violence at home and most of the time, this affects them psychologically as they are powerless to do anything about it.
Written by: Pandora - 22nd Feb, 2003 - 2:33pm Trinidad Safety Reply
I am an: Argentinian

Well, this is a phenomenon that it's occuring a lot in Trinidad, not only in Carnival time. I have asked to some trinis if they can see how violent high school children are here, some they don't seem to even notice it but I do, everytime I go out with my son to the park or to buy something, I always see school kids getting into fights, let me mention two things: most of them are GIRLS! yes girls, and the second thing is they carry weapons! yes, knives!. This is a situation out of control, hope the parents of these children can be accountable for it, the school system maybe responsible too but everything starts at HOME.
Written by: JB - 22nd Feb, 2003 - 12:08am TT Crime Reply
I am a: Trinidadian

Can you believe the school children of today? In fete during the middle of the day? Beating up police officers, taking their firearms, cussing, being wreckles and idle.

These Carnival fetes seem to promote so much viloence. They teach nothing to our youth who need an example. Society is poluted by the illusionary need for vice. I pray it will come to a stop.

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