Police Take More Than 3 Hours

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Written by: JoePublic - 25th Sep, 2011 - 11:17pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Mellane

Comments: Has things in Trinidad and Tobago changed with the response time of the police? I'm in America and when you call the police they are by your home in minutes.
Written by: KNtoran - 27th May, 2008 - 3:24pm Trinidad Safety Reply
The letter sounds like a person who works for the police writing a letter thank himself to make the police look good and to say they are doing a great job because they were able to get the car back. If they were actually doing such a great job and disoriented the thieves that bad then they should have been able to catch each and every one of them.
Written by: Pandora - 27th May, 2008 - 2:39pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Can anyone explain me this letter because I don't get it. So this person is thanking the police for arriving to the scene very quickly, helicopters and all and how the bandits were disoriented and all BUT the bandits were not caught. So is this call efficiency? spock.gif

Great response by Cunupia police

There are always bad reports with respect to performance of police officers. But I would like to commend the action of the Cunupia police on May 20.

A member of our community was hijacked and his vehicle taken at gunpoint and in less than five minutes the police were on the job and able to retrieve the vehicle.

Not only that, but two helicopters and army personnel were also on site within five minutes of the incident, searching for these bandits for over two and a half hours.

The criminals had no choice but to abandon the vehicle and retreat when the police swung into high gear. They were so disoriented that they were begging people to hide them or show them the way out of the area.

Of particular note are officers Ramsaran and Neaves, and also the helicopter crew. There are many others who deserve commendation for their diligent work that night.

It was unfortunate that the bandits were not caught, but I am sure they will think twice before messing with the Cunupia police again.

Rudra P Lakhan

Written by: Pandora - 21st May, 2008 - 5:02am Trinidad Safety Reply
An update on this story. The police showed up at the funeral of the victim and took fingerprints from the deceased person! Despite the fact that the family of the victim was very angry and tried to stop the police, they could not because the police told them they have the authority to stop the funeral and take the body if they wish to do so. spock.gif

THE police who did not show up for three hours the day he was killed by thieves, turned up at Rory Singh's funeral yesterday to lift his dead hand out of the casket to take fingerprints.

The actions of the homicide officers fuelled the anguish and anger of family and friends, who blamed the police for failing to catch the murderer last Saturday.

"What is happening here is sacrilegious!" shouted Pundit Roopnarine Maharaj, as the policemen worked on Singh's corpse as his wife Maurissa wailed. But in the end, the family relented, after being told that the police had the power to stop the funeral and take custody of the body.

Another relative told mourners, "They need to investigate. If they don't do this, these bandits will go free and we will get no justice."

The Express was told that as part of every murder investigation, prints are taken from the victim so they can be excluded as coming from a potential suspect.

The prints are usually taken at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, but on Monday when he was autopsied, there were some 20 bodies scheduled for post-mortem and officers did not do their job then....
Written by: KNtoran - 20th May, 2008 - 2:57pm Trinidad Safety Reply
I think there is more to this. the fact that they take so long to get there is because they know it is going on and they are powerless to stop it. They take their time to get there to make sure those who are in power are gone so they do not have to face them. This kind of thing can make it very hard for the police to enforce any laws. This is just one more step into the area becoming lawless.
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