Trinidad & Tobago's Crime Problem - 17

2018 Crime Stats: 168 ? Murders 1 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: Pandora - 21st May, 2016 - 6:57pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Five murders took place within 17 hours. This is extremely concerning, there is an attitude of lawlessness throughout the country from the average Joe to people in high positions. There is no love for Trinidad & Tobago. How sad.
Written by: RayTT - 20th May, 2016 - 3:00pm Trinidad Safety Reply
If leaders do not keep the law, or better yet law enforcement officials don't keep the law then how they expect to see the public doing it when both groups think they are above the law. How many times you see government officials in all kinds of corruption and then you see police cars parking in a handicap zone or drinking at a party while in uniform.
Written by: JoePublic - 2nd May, 2016 - 10:20am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: A distinct haven for criminals

Comments: Well after reading the report from Washington warning American citizens about crime in Trinidad I think Mr Rowley is wasting his time offering special attention to Laventille. By the looks of it special attention needs to be given to all those places identified as hot spots shown on the map published in the Express a couple of days ago. That covered almost every inhabited area on this is land, It would be far better to hand the nation to some responsible organisation such as the UN or try returning it back to England in order to get back to some form of normality. It looks like our politicians have at last achieved what they always wanted a haven for local Afro /Trinidadian criminals, as more or less confirmed in the above report and local police crime statistics. We must face the facts and the truth, politicians have lost control of the police. The police are now more corrupt than ever, and a law unto themselves with many now jumping on the criminal bandwagon. The masterminds of corruption and other wealthy big crooks and hardened criminals are if fact in charge here.This is despite what the government may say. Two good examples of renown alleged Afro/Trinidadian criminals who are protected both by politicians and the police and are allowed to walk free here are Mr Warner and Abu Baker, This is the clear impression given by the failure of both the politicians and the police to do what is necessary to deal effectively with these two well known local lawbreakers.
Written by: JoePublic - 13th Apr, 2016 - 5:22pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Declaring war on crime

Comments: Too late, too late is the call from Mr Dillon to declare war on crime here I hear them cry. This is like opening the stable when the horse has already bolted. Yes this would be a brilliant idea and may have worked if we did not already have an established brigade of corrupt masterminds of corruption, kidnappers, policemen and politicians, accompanied by a corrupt judiciary here, that was created after our independence by greedy politicians. The fact that those of status committing serious crimes here are protected and are allowed to walk free sends a clear message to the ordinary citizens that crime pays well here. The fact that there is no death penalty and hardly any real enforcement of law and order together with an abundance of lawlessness which is now also noticeable among school children makes this nation a haven for criminals. Anyway I believe this kind of request has been made before and had no takers .It is merely a repeated cry for help from a Minister who have run out of solution. The most glaring problem is that the police have failed to apprehend many murderers and now we have hundreds of killers roaming around searching for innocent citizens to slaughter. .There is also just too much protection and turning of a blind eye both by politicians and the police to crimes committed by those of status and wealth of this country.

[..] The heart of the matter is that we have very few honest citizens of status here who are helpless to do anything effective about our crime scenario. There are just too many Mr Bigs acting as obstacles in their way preventing them from making any real attempt to solve our crime problems. This bring to mind the well organised and planned scheme by certain well know so called responsible citizens here,to get the rid of Mr Gibbs and his deputy. Yes we have among us a sort of Mafia mob who are quite prepared to do anything to maintain our underhand processes and procedures of deceit which has been assisting the destruction of the fabric of this nation. We have now only two choices ,accept the situation as it is and carrying on living in fear of our lives ,whilst also accepting that we are a totally corrupt nation,or summons outside help on a grand scale like it or not.
Written by: JoePublic - 5th Mar, 2016 - 5:58am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Opposition suggestion on the prevention of crime

Comments: It is not surprising that the opposition has called on the PNM to facilitate a local or regional consultation on crime and use citizens suggestions in addressing our problem. This is a good idea and something the PNM has never contemplated in all their years in power. Well it was under the governance of the PNM that all this local crime took off on this island. Prior to our independence there were probably around three or four murders per year.No one remembered the word lawlessness being used here to described any of our citizens.Crime was minimal,and we had very few policemen. Citizens could walk through Laventille or anywhere on this island at any hour of the night without hindrance.Then the PNM came to power and gradually all that changed .Corruption was born here,so was an increase in petty crime .The rate of daily murders and kidnappings escalated and have continued so up to the present time showing a small decline only when the PNM is not in control,of our politics. .The PNM has held the political rein in this country for over 45 years and during every spell of their political power crime increases.Not only that ,the techniques and method of old crimes are modified and new ones appear and is becoming noticeable by our citizens. Now things are very bad .Over the past five decades this nation has become a haven for all types of crimes and criminals from drug and gun smugglers ,people trafficking to widespread importation of prostitutes known as 'working girls'. We specialist in corruption ,producing world renowned masterminds of this CRIMINAL offense. We are now infested with loose murderers and a brigade of protected kidnappers. Some of our local crimes have become so numerous ,such as corruption and kidnappings that they are now being recognized as acceptable.(Just to remind you that there were 98 kidnappings last year however the police only reported 3.). Crime has now become a big money spinner here, The police even make entertainment films shown on local TV called' Beyond the tape,where senior police officers are seen emulating the action of 'RAMBO' that well known TV hero. There is also a tremendous amount of buying of equipment associated with crime such as CCTVs ,police cars and more other new equipment. I even recall some National Security Officer went over the top and bought two armoured military vehicles.I think he had visions of starting World War 3.There have been a multitude of new crime plans .all ending as failure and really had no merit or effectiveness. At one stage we even awarded a wad of dollars to some American so called police expert to tell us what we already knew. I feel certain that there must have been some good 'kick backs' associated with all this financial dealings.It just seems that it was really unnecessary. You see despite all this expensive gear the situation is still the same, and getting worse. No one questioned these mad spending sprees or as to why they have so far proved ineffective.The reason being because criminals here have become an asset to this nation. Now that the PNM is back in the corridors of power we could look forward to more progressive criminal traits from our army of or now established lawless citizens What is most bamboozling is the fact ,that over the last five decades the PNM has made no attempt to change their political doctrine or their belief that they are superior when it come to governing this nation. This is also despite the fact ,that whenever they are in power the criminals revive the expansion of their criminal adventures. Even more astonishing too is the fact, that despite the history of the wrong doings of the PNM its supporters still maintain the motto 'I am PNite till I die.Why?. Are they a separate entity within our nation?
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