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2018 Crime Stats: 168 ? Murders 1 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: PoliceCanDo - 13th Sep, 2016 - 10:49am Trinidad Safety Reply
It is easy to focus on the police. The borders open and there are other agencies tasked with protecting it that do not. And what about you George, I've been reading many of your critical postings about the police, however what are you as a citizen doing to help curb crime because it is a joint effort, not on the police alone.
Written by: JoePublic - 13th Sep, 2016 - 10:09am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George


Comments: The government is now going yet again to waste a vast amount of money buying sophisticated weapons for the police in an attempt to prevent the escalation of more crimes on this island. The police really do not need such equipment. The police need to clear out their rougue senior police officers,ineffective administrators and those lawless policemen in the lower ranks. Moreover, police here need to take a serious approach to their responsibilities. There have been a tremendous amount of money spent on the police in the past decades. This, however, has made no difference to their performance. I have always thought that a lack of manpower was the cause of their failure to make the expected progress in the battle against crime. I have, now however,concluded because of their lack of rapport with the public, bearing in mind some strange behaviour and lawless of some policemen, together with their personal attitudes, and lack of commitments, and perhaps too,the inadequate training of our police that this all amounts to their lack of their expected performance.
Written by: JoePublic - 3rd Sep, 2016 - 2:38pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: T&T Crime problem

Comments: The meeting between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition has failed to deal immediately with the urgent matter of murders on this island. It all ended up as another talk shop,merely discussing the problem as has been done in previous decades without any real progress. Politicians here must comprehend that we are an independent nation. We cannot continue to use the Privy council rulings as a hard and fast implement, to deal with our criminals here. Surely over the last 54 years as an independent nation, we must have creates enough educated and professional legal citizens who are able to operate our own legal system effectively. Without constantly having to ask for guidance from the members of the Privy council We are being treated like children being regularly told what to do in respect of our legal system by those legal observers in a far away land who are failing to understand the real crime situation here. Locally many discussions on our attempt to bring about some form of correct and meaningful enforcement of law and order have all amounted to useless babblings and more of the same yapping in Parliament is again now expected. In the weeks to come whilst more useless yapping is taking place, dozens of our innocent citizens will be slaughtered. The killing spree will, in the long run, become commonplace in every district on this island caused mainly by our elected representatives failing to see eye to eye but however agreeing only to calm the anxiety of the public, by pulling the wool over the eyes of a vulnerable electorate. The masterminds of corruption, hardened criminals, and the common murderers are having a laugh at most of, of our senior politicians who are still running around like headless chickens, in the same manner,as they have been doing for decades by non-action in not creating any urgent constructive solution to our crime scenario yet again.
Written by: JoePublic - 1st Sep, 2016 - 10:00am Trinidad Safety Reply

Name: George


Comments: The only good thing so far about tomorrow's meeting between Mr Rowley and the leader of the opposition is that they are at last going to be sitting around the same table trying to find a solution to our crime problems. However, without an agreement to reinstate the death penalty and resume hangings of those already convicted of murder,they would be just wasting their time. It is essential that politicians here also come to an agreement to stop being under the control of the Privy Council. They must take matters into their on hands by taking the bull by its horns and if necessary step out of line where the rules of the Privy council are concerned especially with regards to dealing with murders on this island. Without taking the above -mentioned steps things will continue along its current path, and there will be no let- up in the rate of random slaughter of our innocent citizens .We just haven't got the police manpower to deal with our galloping rate of murders and other serious crimes. The reinstatement of the death penalty will have an immediate effect on the rate of murders thereby easing the pressure on the police.
Written by: JoePublic - 31st Aug, 2016 - 11:21am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George


Comments: The attempt by, Mr Rowley to try to sort out our crime scenario is now too late. It is very similar to the recent call from Mr Dillon to declare war on crime here which has so far proved fruitless. It all amounts to opening the stable when the horse has already bolted. This would be a brilliant idea and may succeed if we did not already have an established brigade of corrupt masterminds of corruption, kidnappers, police officers and politicians, accompanied by a corrupt judiciary here, that was created after our independence by greedy politicians. The fact that those of status committing serious crimes here are protected and are allowed to walk free sends a clear message to the ordinary citizens that crime pays well here. The fact that there is no death penalty and hardly any real enforcement of law and order together with an abundance of lawlessness which is now also noticeable among school children makes this nation a haven for budding and hardened criminals.I believe this kind of attempt has been made several times before and in the long run made absolutely no difference. It is merely a repeated cry for help from a government who have run out of a solution to our crime problems especially with regards to everyday murders. It is the usual ploy to quell the anxiety of the public when there is a spike in murders and other serious crimes here. We can expect more of the same again and again. If no real constructive solution is implemented. The most glaring problem is that the police have failed to apprehend many murderers, and we now have hundreds of killers roaming around searching for innocent citizens to slaughter. There is also just too much protection and turning of a blind eye both by politicians and the police to crimes committed by those of status and wealth of this country.This sends a message down the line to potential criminals that they too may be able to get away with their illegal activities. The heart of the matter is that we have very few honest citizens of status here who are helpless in doing anything effective about our crime scenario. There are just too many Mr Bigs acting as obstacles in their way, preventing them from making any real attempt to solve our crime problems. This brings to mind the well organised and planned scheme by certain well know so called responsible citizens here,to get the rid of Mr Gibbs and his deputy. Politicians here know what is really needed, and that is why they resorted to appointing Mr Gibbs and his deputy. However, as soon as those in responsible positions realised that their underhand misdemeanours may come to light they embarked on a campaign to oust Mr Gibbs and his deputy, which was supported by corrupt senior police officials and politicians. They successfully achieved.what they deliberately set out to do. We have among us a sort of Mafia mob of high- ranking officials on this island, who are quite prepared to do anything to maintain our underhand criminal processes and procedures of deceit which has been assisting the destruction of the fabric of this nation for decades. We have now only two choices, accept the situation as it is, and carrying on living in fear of our lives, whilst also accepting that we are a totally corrupt nation,or summons outside help on a grand scale like it or not. Repeating the process of trying to resolve our crime problems year after year, without changing the structure of our police system and replacing our corrupt senior police officers and officials, with reliable and experienced experts which are the key to changing our crime scenario.
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