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Written by: JoePublic - 23rd Jan, 2017 - 9:44am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: The problem with regards to murders here is not necessarily too many guns. It is simply that we have too many habitual killers on the loose. Most of these killers are old hands at the act of violent murders. The police failure to catch them is the main cause for the expansion of the slaughter of so many of our citizens on a daily basis. In America for example, every citizen has the right to carry a firearm, However, the daily rate of murders in that country with a population of 309 million people is insignificant in comparison to ours. Moreover, many states in the USA still use execution as the main retribution to halt the expansion of violent murders and those who don't, such as Ohio, are now again reinstating the death penalty. The culture of guns and its associated violence was first introduced into this country via our police by the pioneers of our politics after our independence.They decided that our police needed guns to deal with our hardened criminals. In fact, this had more to do with 'kick backs' than a police essential requirement. In order to retaliate against the police the gun became a 'must have item; for our hardened criminals and today, it remains the main instrument in the act of murders on this island.It encouraged other crimes such as kidnappings which still is a criminal money spinner on this island, despite what the politicians and the police will like us to believe, In my opinion, we have now left with two alternatives in order to stem the flow of our ever increasing murder rate.The first, is to reinstate the death penalty now and commence the hangings of those killers already found guilty of this violent crime. The second which seem now impossible is to apprehend those loose killers and imprison them for life which in the end will be a burden on our Treasury funds as it would mean that sooner than later new prisons will have to be built which will cost the nation an arm and a leg to maintain. If however, the police happen to catch our present brigade of roaming killers we could look forward to more rogue citizens joining the brigade of these violent killers. Politicians and the members of the police hierarchy must stop making excuses for their failures in dealing effectively with the widespread lawlessness, serious crimes, and murderers on this island.They must restore the death penalty now.
Written by: JoePublic - 22nd Jan, 2017 - 6:08pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: The pattern of most murders here have not changed for over five decades.We still have random murders, some having no motives whatsoever. The gun is still the main instrument used in these killings. The only thing that has changed here is that murders have become more widespread throughout the island. Killers seem to have no fear whatsoever of being caught. Recently some of the murders have taken place right under the noses of our police domain. The police now appear to have taken the same pattern of thought about the safety of our ordinary citizens here. They know what the solution is ie restore the death penalty. However, despite this, not one of our politicians or senior police officers have shown any persistence interest in returning the well known and tried deterrent. Now that crime here has become too big a task for the police and our security services to deal with, they are simply turning a blind eye to the now galloping rate of murders. The politicians and the police see such murders as an expected everyday event. Since the police have now become a law unto themselves and have ignored the enforcement of law and order related to murders as well as other forms of local lawlessness, more of our people are living in fear. They have gradually over the last few years have grown to disrespect and despise the police, and in almost every case see them as the enemy. Since they have no protection they too have now turned blind eye to the police cry for assistance and help in fighting local crime' They live in daily fear that they too may become a victim if they show any inclination of assisting the police. The non-effectiveness of the politicians and the happy go lucky attitudes of our local police has caused many of our killers to become habitual killers some even treating killing other human beings as a hobby. Although the pattern of murders have not changed the failure of the police to catch most killers have helped to create a more lawless society with more kidnappings and other new and serious crimes. In the long run, if things continue as they are no overseas investors will want to do business with this country, which has now become quite clearly a haven for criminals where crime pays so well, that even the local police are now jumping on the local criminal bandwagon by the dozens.
Written by: JoePublic - 22nd Jan, 2017 - 12:32pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Unknown

Title: How to improve against crime

Comments: Trinidad is too small to have all this increasing on crime. Lets be honest everybody knows around your area who is good or bad or who to deal or not. But police must to be stronger and faster on action. Lets put more camera around the country… if catch criminal let them stay longer in jail no 4 or 5 years but 15 or 20 until they forget they own name.

Use international technology may help in better way. I read article an example : police know that element as gang leader… so why he is around put [him] in jail. Catch all the gangs leaders squeeze them until they will reveal all the bad affair… Protect all those people who speak against crime in a case… before they get killed… just because they been honest.

Remove all the mobile phone in jail… plenty criminals still on action even from jail… Put more Coast Guards day and night as vigilant… Check properly all [the] containers. Build more jails for criminals. Make a stronger laws otherwise nobody will feel to go in T&T or invest in T&T.
Written by: JoePublic - 19th Jan, 2017 - 4:48pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Ashton

Comments: Not long ago, I posted that I have a proven presentation that- if done across the island- to several audiences in which the basic concept of respect and all related principles are discussed- we can start sowing the seeds to help in crime reduction. It was scoffed by a few and questioned by some.
We can point fingers at the police, the politicians, the business leaders, the clergy- until we stop and take 'personal accountability/responsibility ' for our actions- until we look inwardly and honestly see who we are and what we need-, until we see each other in a fair and just manner- until we start being contented with what we have and strive to be a better person- until we start seeing each other with eyes that make us all as friends, neighbours, relatives- we will NEVER regain our footing on this downward spiral. One wise man said- "the solution is in the problem". We are the problem- we are the solution.
Written by: JoePublic - 19th Jan, 2017 - 1:32pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: Yes, it is me, I am back. I just can't resist making more comments about all this ado about the recent conference being held which included Mr Dillon the AG and Mr Williams. Look, man, all that was said is all repeated thrash. We have heard practically all of it before, All they have said is what we already know, and their intentions to spend more money. It just a lot of nonsense. These men are thick and have lost their way, they haven't a clue. It all amounts to the blind leading the blind.They really believe that spending more money by meeting the police demands are going to resolve our crime problems.They still haven't got the message that this does not work here, despite the fact it is already costing the nation and arm and a leg. They are failing to take the bull by the horn by restoring the death penalty and start hanging convicted killers. As for Mr Williams stepping down, that is most unlikely to happen asTTPS has become a law unto themselves. There is actually no one to replace him.. Mr Williams does exactly as he is told to do, and meets the requirements of his masters. That is why he is still at the helm.He has till not gained any merit to be worthy od substantive rank. He has no individual say,or sustained leadership qualities. His statements are well prepared by his masters before he appears in the limelight to utter his regular repeated statements about how well the police are doing and that crime has fallen. Nothing is ever likely to change here regarding the daily rate of murders unless we have an effective deterrent or ask for outside help.Putting killers behind bars here for life has made absolutely no difference whatsoever to the annual murder rate. The criminals now have the upper-hand are running this nation.At present crime pays here, and Trinidad has become a haven for criminals. All we have to wait for now, and it is already happening for the police to join the criminal bandwagon in toto. Perhaps the politicians too may decide to also join the criminal brigade. Anyway, with things as they are, we could again look forward to more or less the same rate on annual murders for 2017.Just to remind our policemen.The killers must be caught in the first place in order for the police to claim any success in deterring the daily slaughtering of our citizens.

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