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2018 Crime Stats: 40 ? Murders 0 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: JoePublic - 19th Aug, 2017 - 10:51am Trinidad Safety Reply

Name: George

Title: Indulgence in paying crime

Comments: It is now quite clear that crime pays here. The report of a senior police officer with over 25 years service has been arrested for heading a crime ring,accompanied by another report of two serving soldiers embezzling millions of dollars supports the trend in crime that pays. We also have the alleged corruption scandal concerning the transportation ships from Tobago to Trinidad. And the appointment by the Prime Minister of a one man judge and jury to investigate the matter free of charge. Then we have a Chinese citizens sentence to prison for attempting to bribe a police officer. On top of this we have criminals taking pot shots at workmen building a wall at a school. I suppose for the fun of it. Such lawlessness including the high rate of annual murders and other serious crimes in this nation is more that substantial proof that something is really wrong with our society that need urgent and drastic repair,and yet nothing new or meaningful is really being done to stop the galloping rate of criminal activities here. It would appear that there is now a complete breakdown of law and order here,and as far as crime is concerned there is a tremendous amount of our citizens despite colour class or creed are indulging in some form of criminality until they get caught. Since our independence our politicians and those in positions of responsibility have stood by and watch this nation gradually falling into a state of moral and lawless decline without taking any meaningful or constructive or necessary action to halt the erosion of this nation. These men and women of importance and power here,continue to merely offer lip service, and by the examples they set, has assisted in the now rapid destruction of this nation.
Written by: JoePublic - 21st Jul, 2017 - 10:47am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Living in turmoil

Comments: Where ever you search in the world you won't find a more disturbed democracy than this nation. At present ordinary citizens are living in fear of their lives. Citizens in responsible positions and those in authority are no longer trusted and are now being perpetually displayed as crooks,most involved in some sort of corruption. Despite having a lots of policemen they are failing to catch the criminals. The justice system remain corrupt as ever. The impression given is that most of the population now want to dabbling in some form of crime despite their colour, class or creed. Those who decide not to succumb to crime are now the exception. Those in authority now appear to be economical with the truth and very manipulative and are really not fit for purpose. There is now little chance that anything will ever change the situation is clearly getting worse.The rather odd thing about it all is that, it would appear that those that can do something to stop the flow of our woes are quite contented to see and tolerate the turmoil in which they and those they govern live.
Written by: JoePublic - 1st Jul, 2017 - 6:13am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: we really need helicopters here to fight crime.

Comments: We really don't need helicopter to fight crime here.This is just again a waste of public money. This island is 60 miles by 40 miles with a large area which is sparsely populated. Gangster, crooks an a serious criminals inhabit the well known areas here. What we need is dedicated and honest policemen with good management and leadership to haunt down and catch the criminals. We need more honest and conscientious policemen not helicopters. What have we gain by using helicopters here, nothing. We still have a crime scenario as we had decades ago.Nothing has really changed, where crime is concerned here. At the end of this year we could expect another high figure around 500 of our citizens slaughtered,and yet we have responsible citizens in positions of authority here who keep playing the same old tune by regularly telling us that crime has fallen. Politicians here are taken for a ride and succumb to the wrong advise given to them by our so-called security experts. In my opinion this careless and wasteful spending is associated with 'kick backs' which is part and parcel of the local art of corruption and personal greed.This is caused by our easy access to quick money from the gains of our natural resources. Now that things are beginning to unravel, luxuries such as helicopters (Toys for the boys) will of course have to be mothballed.
Written by: JoePublic - 18th Jun, 2017 - 9:55am Trinidad Safety Reply

Name: George

Title: Crime getting out of hand

Comments: I refer the article in the Express today entitled 'Crime getting out of hand'. Crime has been out of hand here for decades. It started after our independence under the control of our political pioneer playing gods especially those of the PNM who has stood back and watched the gradual escalation of criminals and terrorists building their empires, and have and are still doing nothing to halt the expansion of our criminal and terrorist armies. It would appear that our politicians on both sides of the fence are quite prepared to let things remain as they are. They wallow in political division by race and by doing so have encouraged racism throughout this nation. They appear to be quite happy to carry on in this fashion as long as the racial issue remain under wraps.and do not cause any internal racial uprising. In order to reduce crime here the politicians must stop creating poverty and introduce meaningful legislation to halt the spread of racial discrimination and inequalities of the citizens of this nation. There are well recognized perpetual repeated promises and statements made by politicians of doing the right thing, yet nothing is being done. All we get are these repeated promises again and again.Looking back since our independence, you would find the same promises made several time over the past decades but were never fulfilled. Human life here has no value whatsoever,and this has come about because of the immunity,lack of morals and compassion of politicians and those in authority in respect of their outlook of the security and livelihood of our citizens.They have helped in creating a dog eat dog society. I forecast earlier this year that the annual murder figure for this year is going to be around 440. However, as things now stands it will in my opinion now be around 500 or more. This is because nothing NEW, meaningful or constructive has been done to stop the slaughter of our citizens. Politicians here have handed the responsibility for control and management of our crime scenario over to the police lock, stock and barrel thus allowing them to become a law unto themselves where senior officers have themselves become lawbreakers and are still allowed to carry on as usual despite the fact that they are awaiting court appearances.This sort of event encourages disrespect by our citizens for the police hierarchy and those in the lower ranks. . This police force needs outside help in a big way. The government should ensure that they get such help .and stop supplying the police with more money which is being wasted on unnecessary equipment. We need respected policemen dedicated to the protection our citizens not policemen who are now following the trend of most of our politicians of feathering their own nest even if it means joining the ranks of the criminals. Most of all we need politicians with a different mentality and foresight than those of previous decades. We need honest politicians with inspiration to improve the status of every citizens and not prolong and enhance poverty and racism which only leads to more crime, thus encouraging crime to get out of hand.
Written by: JoePublic - 31st May, 2017 - 12:24pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: A nation in decline?

Comments: It now looks like even the lawyers are at loggerheads with the justice system here. What on earth sort of nation is this?. Every single day there are reports of discontentment from citizens in different professions on from our ordinary citizens. Surely we just can't go on like this. Those in the corridors of power appear to be completely useless and keep turning a blind eye to the situation. They are just about suitable of running a parlour somewhere in Toco. This nation has become a laughing stock throughout the Caribbean and worldwide. Our citizens must stop being treated like sheep being led to the slaughter house and must pull themselves together. They must stop electing these type of worthless politicians in order to get back on some sort of normal pattern of life. They must demonstrate and protest against the manner in which they are now being treated. This nation has now become jungle of confusion, chaos and no hope for our up coming generation .Something must be done to stem the decline now. It has become impossible to believe anything our politicians say as they are being economical with the truth and keep painting false pictures of the state of our economy,and the dwindling depletion of our natural resources. It will all amount in the end to another elected brigade of citizens acting as so called politicians who at the end of their term in office would have done absolutely nothing to enhance the personal living standards or conditions of our ordinary citizens. More of our ordinary citizens will still be living in poverty, using outside latrines,out of work and struggling to make two ends meet and indulging in more crime in order to survive, whilst those of wealth and authority live in guarded communities in luxury protected by our police who still harbor a colonial mentality. What has happened here and is still happening is that the majority of semi educated ordinary citizens are constantly being fooled by our so called educated and professional citizens into voting for them so that their livings standards and environment could be improved, something that never really happens. Look around you and see the results of decades of promises by our politicians. We are really worse off than when we were as a colony when almost everyone had pride, ambition, respect for law and order and hopefulness.and much more contented and happy in themselves. Crime and especially murders were a rarity and our policemen did not carry guns. They were respected with honesty and honour, and did protect our citizens. You could then rely on culprits being caught brought to justice and paid the correct retribution. All that has happened here since our independence, and is something the criminals can crow about, is that we have created a multitude of corrupt overnight millionaires who use our politicians as puppets on strings in collusion and co-operation in feathering their nest at the expense of the ordinary taxpayer. Criminals are gathering in droves here from different islands and countries on this now a haven for criminals because they know they too could become wealthy by dabbling in all sorts of local crime, even murder,and where they stand a very high chance of not being caught.
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