Ex-wife Takes Out Contract On Husband, Girlfriend

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Written by: tortdog - 4th Sep, 2007 - 1:48pm Trinidad Safety Reply
How do the police know it's legit? Maybe they just want to confirm with the hit man that he is for real, so they can then act.


Yeah, that's it.
Written by: Geenie - 4th Sep, 2007 - 2:01am Trinidad Safety Reply
I never thought I would hear myself say this but I agree with the police. I am puzzled about the fact that the couple have decided not to disclose the name of the hit man. It is important for the police to have a name, in order to verify this allegation. Did they forget that the man was hired to murder them? Just because he was so "noble enough" not to go ahead with the ex wife's plan, does not minimize the seriousness of the crime! And what was the reason behind the hit man's change of heart? He knew the brother of the businessman. Well I had to laugh at that one. I never knew that criminals had a conscience! Maybe the ex-wife did not offer the hit man enough money! I wonder if the couple knows that the wife could easily hire someone else to do the job?
Written by: Pandora - 25th Aug, 2007 - 5:05pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Do you think the Police is right in not protecting this couple because they refuse to give the name of the hitman?

international QUOTE
DESPITE having in her possession taped telephone conversations between a woman and a hit man plotting to murder her, a 23-year-old woman still cannot get the police to protect her.

Instead, the cops have given her an ultimatum: reveal the identity of the hired hit man who gave her the tape or run the risk of being executed.

According to the 23-year-old who went to the police, the woman who wants her dead is the jilted ex-wife of a 41-year-old Central businessman with whom she now lives.

The hit man, police were told, reneged on the job after he realised that he knew the businessman's brother.

He fooled the ex-wife into believing that he carried out the hit and gave the couple the tape on the condition that he does not identify him.

The Guardian was supplied with a copy of a tape containing a series of conversations between the estranged wife and the hit man.

From the conversations, the ex-wife wants the young woman dead, because she believes that she is the reason why her ex-husband I'll-treats their children.

She also accused them of wanting to take everything away from her.

First, the ex-wife ordered the hit man to follow the young woman to Tobago. When that plan fell through, she told him to kill her at her workplace, but to make it look like a robbery.

Lawyer: I"m awaiting

response from top cop

Attorney Kevin Ratiram, who is representing the couple, said he sent a letter, dated August 16, to Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul, informing him about the police's refusal to act on the information unless his clients identify the hit man.

He asked for a response by 4 pm last week Friday, but Paul is yet to respond to the letter.

In the letter, Ratiram explained that the businessman was informed by his brother that a man known to both of them had been hired to murder him (the businessman) and his present wife.

Ratiram said the hit man gave the couple a copy of the tape recording of telephone conversations between himself and the businessman's ex-wife, on the condition that he remain anonymous.

The letter stated that on August 10, the couple spoke with ACP Gilbert Reyes at Police Headquarters in Port-of-Spain. They spoke later with PCs Augustine and Davis of the Homicide Bureau, where they gave statements and copies of the recordings.

On August 13, the businessman and his brother went to the Homicide Bureau (South) on request of the police and spoke with policemen, including Sgt Parriman.

They declined to give the name of the man employed to murder them.

According to Ratiram's letter, they were told that in those circumstances the police would not be able to do anything.

Ratiram further stated that he was reliably informed that nothing had been done to arrest or even question the ex-wife. "Having listened to the tape recordings, myself, I find this to be astounding, if true. The absence of the hit man by no means precludes the police from questioning her," Ratiram said.

Calls to Paul's cellphone yesterday went unanswered.

Common-law wife:

I m afraid

"I feel disappointed in the system. I don't understand why they would say that nothing can be done unless we give up the hit man. In my eyes he (hit man) did a good by giving us the tape...He could have killed us...

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