The teacher is also going to be investigated by the Ministry of Education. Magistrate Daniel ruled: "The court frowns and cannot condone a teacher using his foot to touch a student and Mr Williams, as the representative of the Ministry of Education I sent for you to conduct an immediate investigation."

If this Magistrate would truly know what is going on in the classrooms! I know PERFECTLY the type of behavior of that girl, I have been told many times by students that they will call the parents (when I ask them to do something and they directly choose not to). I then leave it to the Principal to handle it EVEN though that means you are losing respect and authority in your own classroom.

Nevertheless, I have seen teachers hitting kids in most parts of their body with their hands and objects, including the heads so this Magistrate really has no clue what is going on if he is so upset about a teacher touching with his foot to a student. I am NOT justifying at all, but worst things are happening in our classrooms.