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Written by: Geenie - 22nd Mar, 2007 - 9:01pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Yes I saw it on the news. Very sad! It reminded me of an incident that I witnessed many years ago. I was about to enter "Maharaj and Sons" jewellery store (which was located almost towards the end of Frederick street), when I heard someone screaming for help. When I turned around, I saw a woman helplessly looking at a homeless and mentally unstable man, who was trying to attack her with a bottle. What made this incident even more horrifying was, no one did anything to assist this poor lady! Not even the men! In fact people found this spectacle quite amusing! I was terrified at this point!

It doesn't surprise me that a young girl was stabbed by a violent and mentally ill man. The patients of St Anns are usually walking around Port of Spain and these homeless, mentally unstable persons are living on the streets and attacking people at random. This country has been plagued with this problem for many years and yet, nothing is being done about it.
Written by: JB - 21st Mar, 2007 - 5:32pm TT Crime Reply
The problem with a lot of these patients is that when they are medicated they are 'okay', but once the meds lose their working time the person once again becomes a lunatic (to put it nicely in this case).

Perhaps the government should start looking at using ankle bands if they want to track these patients. Better yet, what are they doing outside? It is not like they are going to look for a job or buy something, so let them stay as residents at the hospital.
Written by: Pandora - 21st Mar, 2007 - 2:23pm Trinidad Safety Reply
No, neighbors said the girl was just riding her bike back to her apartment. Remember that mentally ill people can react violently at any given time without signs or warnings. The guy is a patient of St. Anns hospital.
Written by: JB - 21st Mar, 2007 - 1:18pm TT Crime Reply
I wonder if she was making fun of him or taunting him. It said he was a regular on the streets there which meant that no one saw him as a 'problem' until now. Yet, the police said that he was known to be aggressive in nature - but of course - we are in Trinidad, so he was allowed to roam free.
Written by: Pandora - 21st Mar, 2007 - 11:53am Trinidad Safety Reply
I did not hear about it, so I went to look for an article. It is not only a girl but a little one, only ten years old! The crazy guy (who was a regular around the neighborhood) broke a glass bottle and approached the girl while she was riding her bike and started stabbing her in her arms, my goodness! I am frightened to go out sometimes.

Ten-year-old Samaya Jack has survived a vicious attack by a mentally ill man with the help of neighbours.

They fought off the man, who pounced on her as she rode a bicycle near her Lower Duncan Street, Port of Spain, apartment on Monday.

By the time they reached her, however, the man had already slashed away some flesh from both of her arms.

Another neighbour who rushed Samaya to hospital is calling on the government to remove violently insane people from society.

"I was looking at cricket, I heard screaming. I looked out and I could see Samaya holding her arms... and blood, and you could see the flesh. I got so frightened," Audrey Maloney, a tenant of the same building, said yesterday.

Samaya, a pupil of Eastern Girls' Government Primary School, was riding the bicycle in a parking lot opposite the apartment building around 6 p.m. on Monday.

Residents said the mentally ill man, who was a regular on the street, smashed a glass bottle on the sidewalk and rushed towards her.

The man pulled her off the bike. Samaya struggled to escape his hold. He then began stabbing away at her arms.

Samaya bled profusely from her deep wounds.

"We put the towel around her and it just soaked up with blood. All you seeing is flesh," said Maloney, who is credited with rushing Samaya to the Port of Spain General Hospital in her car...
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