Chief Justice vs. Prime Minister

You know this whole affair has been going on a long time, but at the same time I have had no chance in starting a Thread about it, and it would seem no one else did as well. However, despite that - what do you think about this affair with the Chief Justice vs. Prime Minister?

Check the chain of events:

1. Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma is accused by a senior Judge of trying to affect the outcome of the Basdeo Panday trial.

2. Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls, the man accusing Sharma, voices his concerns to the Prime Minister (Manning).

3. The Prime Minister seeks to have Sharma arrested.

4. Sharma takes the case to the Privy Council.

5. Sharma loses appeal and is formerly arrested and brought to court.

6. Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls, the main witness in the case, refuses to testify against sharma.

7. The PM says he is surprised and calls for inquiries are made.

8. The madness continues...