The Nightmares Of Trinidad Public Hospitals

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Written by: LydiaTT - 6th Jun, 2013 - 9:31pm Trinidad Safety Reply
I was so sad to hear about the case of the little baby in Tobago and how many other cases out there! My goodness when will health be a priority to ANY government?

international QUOTE
The parents told the Express it was only when their baby was dead that they received attention.

Thirty-one-year-old WASA employee Kaleann Duke said she was at home on Monday morning when her son, Danilo Duke, fell ill. One of the first problems they encountered was the unavailability of an ambulance.

"My husband was able to get a partner to carry us to the walk-in clinic in Roxborough. From there they were able to give him a nebuliser...they said he had some mucus on his chest," said the grieving mother, who has two other children.

That was just the start of her woes as upon arrival at Scarborough General, via ambulance from Roxborough, there were no beds available for her ailing infant.

"We waiting, waiting five, ten, 15 minutes, no doctor. I realise the state the child in...well, I got up and in the middle of the hallway, doctors, nurses dealing with everybody. Trying to get assistance, nobody taking us on," she said. Source 4
Written by: LydiaTT - 9th Jun, 2011 - 1:42pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Another baby dies in a hospital, now don't take me wrong...I know it's well possible that this woman had complications however it doesn't justify the lack of proper help when this lady was delivering her baby!

international QUOTE
A Rousillac woman is seeking answers for the death of her six-month-premature baby boy.

As a result, she is calling on the Minister of Health, Therese Baptiste-Cornelis to launch an investigation into the death of her premature baby, who died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex last Friday morning, minutes after she gave birth.

The 29-year old mother, Natoya Campbell, is claiming that within 30minutes of giving birth at the medical institution, her baby was alive and crying, but soon after she found herself holding the corpse in her arms.

"Something is just not right; it's not adding up because I saw him open his eyes. He was breathing and he was crying after he came out; my baby boy was alive. "Campbell explained.

The emotional woman told Newsday that because of the baby's size, she pleaded with the medical staff to place him in an incubator. "But the doctor looked at me and said it was too small; it would not make it right away. And that it was better to place him on my chest instead of the incubator. I was very suspicious and he and a nurse left with the baby saying that they were going to weigh it. And they returned with my baby dead. I just don't understand."she sobbed. Source 9
Written by: JB - 7th Apr, 2011 - 11:14pm TT Crime Reply
The government says there is a shortage of medical staff of around 2,900 and so their answer is to import doctors and nurses from the Philippines, Cuba and other Caribbean Islands. Ironically when the government was in Opposition they were against bringing in foreign medical staff.
Written by: Caribs78 - 5th Apr, 2011 - 2:38am Trinidad Safety Reply
Chavonn, man how we will join you if you didn't say yet what you plan to do if you are all the way in the big USA?
Written by: JoePublic - 5th Apr, 2011 - 2:36am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Chavonn

Comments: [..] I'm from USA. Both of my parents, as well as most of my family,were born in Trinidad. I am currently studying to become a doctor, and am disgusted by the comments I've seen on this discussion board. I had no idea the savage practices that have been happening in Trinidad. To be a doctor is to help those around you live a long, enjoyable, healthy life. How has this injustice happened for so long? You should all be able to walk into a public hospital and receive the care that you and your family deserve. I WILL do something about this. Who will join me?
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