Trinidad Deportees Causing Crime?

2017 Crime Stats: 300 ? Murders 2 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: JoePublic - 29th Apr, 2017 - 12:03am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Returning terrorists?

Comments: Now that it is confirmed that 12 of our citizens are being deported from Turkey the authorities here have a very good chance as to finding out why they went to Turkey and who financed their trip to this far away land. It is obvious that they must have been heading for Syria to join ISIS. The authorities in Turkey did say that they would return any nationals found in the country heading to Syria to assist the ISIS. It is therefore at this stage fair to label these returning Trinidadians as potential terrorist. There is no point the authorities trying to pretend they do not know who is behind the recruitment and financing the band so -called Muslim fanatics and terrorist here .The finger remains pointed at one man, and those in the corridors of power and the police know who he is,so too do many of our citizens. The question is why are they protecting him by turning a blind eye to his involvement in the terrorist business.
Written by: Felipe - 2nd Dec, 2016 - 9:45pm Trinidad Safety Reply
I believe most of the crime that happens in this country is all based on the local citizens of which some of them decided to be reckless and break the law. Also with the return of Trinidadian deportees coming back from the US will only cause more discord and imbalance, T&T needs to wake up before the worse arrives.
Written by: JoePublic - 15th Nov, 2016 - 1:02pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: return of Trinidad deportees from USA

Comments: Sad to say, but it looks like the label attached to this nation as 'a haven from criminals' is going to be reinforced and live up to its name, when all those well trained and US established Trinidad criminal deportees arrive here. Part of out present crime problem is now caused by these returned experienced criminals being caught in the USA convicted, served years behind bars, are now let loose here to continue where they left off before spending years in prisons in America. Like they say in the USA Have a good day. All in all its very bad news for the police, and a nation struggling to keep its head above water where crime is concerned.
Written by: Pandora - 5th Jun, 2009 - 1:18am Trinidad Safety Reply
Probably a small percentage, the rest are just local criminals who have never traveled abroad and they're simply the product of a decadent society.
Written by: Rasta - 4th Jun, 2009 - 11:09pm Trinidad Crime Reply
Deportees Causing Crime?

Do you think that many of the deportees from the US being returned frequently to Trinidad is what is responsible for the upsurge of crime?

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