Trinis Like To Threaten To Kill You

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Written by: Blessed - 14th Feb, 2016 - 2:39pm Trinidad Safety Reply
What is more frightening is sometimes they really mean it too. Hot blooded Trini sometimes don't give a 2 cents about no one so they ready to pull out a knife or gun just to make a point.
Written by: Pandora - 7th Feb, 2016 - 6:56pm Trinidad Safety Reply
George, that's absolutely insane! And it IS very true. They do use the word "Kill" very lightly and I must add, I take those words VERY seriously. It should be a mistake to think they are saying it casually.

In the example you provided, even IF the road was a private road, I cannot even start comprehending why would ANYONE make a threat like that! One would think the threat would be "I will call the police!" but to kill? Seriously? Very scary!

It is sad that we have no choice but to take a quiet stance in situations like this because you just don't know what the person might do! Mind you, sometimes they have weapons (Cutlasses, etc) and they get upset at the smallest things, sometimes I wonder if they are using drugs because I cannot understand why they would get so angry so easily.

Just recently a cop doing his job, was threaten by a man who got upset that the cop was making a search on him and said he will find, rape and kill the cop's wife and the children!

I can testify of those things because I use public transportation every day and it is war out there.
Written by: News - 7th Feb, 2016 - 6:47pm TT Crime Reply
Trinis like to threaten to kill you

Name: George

Title: Verbal intention to kill

Comments: There is one thing that I have noticed with many criminals or potential criminals here and I am speaking about my own experience. That is the verbal threat to kill. My wife used to walk our dogs around the area in Diego Martin where we lived. One morning a resident shouted out to my wife 'if you come down this street again with your dogs I will kill you and the dogs'. May I add just to point out that any race class or creed here are readily adapting this attitude of using the word 'kill' as a serious threat. This individual was a white Portuguese who appeared to be very ignorant of the law. The matter was reported to the local police and on accompanying a police Sergeant to the home of the culprit an argument broke out between the sergeant and the individual. The culprit kept insisting that the road was private .It did not matter how many times the police sergeant told him that it was a public road he continued to stick to his opinion. In the end I was advised by the sergeant to take and injunction against the abuser. It so happened that I was on the brink of moving away from the district and took no further action.

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