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2017 Crime Stats: 297 ? Murders 2 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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  1. Popular Pinned: Trinidad & Tobago's Crime Problem - 5 Hours Ago / 127 comments
    T&T War On Crime
  2. Emmanuel Okira Murder Case - 1.2 Day(s) Ago
    12 year old charged in the killing of a 15 year old
  3. Popular Terrorism In Trinidad & Tobago - 3.1 Days Ago / 56 comments
  4. Nikki Crosby - 3.1 Days Ago / 5 comments
    Nicole Nathaniel Clarke
  5. Cabo Star And Ocean Flower 2 Scandal - 3.3 Days Ago
    No boats to Tobago
  6. Who Is To Blame For Trinidad & Tobago's Mess? - 6.1 Days Ago / 1 comment
    What is the cause of such rampant negativity, crime, lawlessness, corruption, disrespect, etc.
  7. Trinidad Squatters - Tobago Squatters - 6.1 Days Ago / 1 comment
  8. Trinidad & Tobago Bail Bonds - 6.1 Days Ago / 1 comment
    Trinidad & Tobago Bail Bonds Agency
  9. Trinidad & Tobago Top 5 Most Dangerous Areas - 6.1 Days Ago / 1 comment
    Trinidad & Tobago Worst areas, high crime, bad neighborhoods, slums, etc.
  10. Crime in T&T - 6.2 Days Ago / 4 comments
    Crime in Trinidad and Tobago
  11. Trinis Buying & Selling Stolen Goods - 6.8 Days Ago / 1 comment
    Would you buy or sell something knowing it was stolen from someone that worked hard to get it?
  12. Akeno Thomas Murder Case - 6.9 Days Ago
    Murder Victim 2017
  13. Trinidad Catholics Being Robbed In Church - 6.9 Days Ago
    Crime is so bad in Trinidad that bandits rob the church and the congregation during mas and its not the first time.
  14. Popular Violent Crime In Trinidad & Tobago - 6.9 Days Ago / 176 comments
    What is going on here? I am amazed at the articles I read every day when I pull up the Express newspaper online. What really hurt me when I read this article was the poor boy who had to watch this happen to his mother. Is it really this bad now?
  15. Terrence Alleyne & Friend Killed - 1 Week Ago / 2 comments
  16. TTPS - Trinidad & Tobago Police Service - 1 Week Ago / 17 comments
    Trinidad Police
  17. Popular Feedback - 1 Week Ago / 172 comments
    This Thread is reserved to make comments about the site as a whole and things you would like to see within the site or our coverage of the Crime scene in Trinidad & Tobago.
  18. Popular Jack Warner - 28th Jul, 2017 - 11:49am / 118 comments
    UNC Chairman, Minister of Works and Transport, and FIFA Vice President
  19. Counterfeit Drugs In Trinidad - 22nd Jul, 2017 - 3:14am / 1 comment
  20. Popular Trinidad Child Protection Services - Child Abuse - 17th Jul, 2017 - 12:17pm / 26 comments
    The number of children in Trinidad & Tobago suffering silently on a daily basis because of mental, physical and s-xual abuse most often by those who should be their protectors and care givers is staggering.
  21. Do Your Job Properly Security Guard - 15th Jul, 2017 - 3:36am / 7 comments
    Security Guards in Trinidad & Tobago
  22. Popular Prisons in Trinidad & Tobago - 11th Jul, 2017 - 4:34pm / 26 comments
    Trinidad Prison officers - Trinidad Prison Conditions - Trinidad Prisoners - Tobago prison
  23. Trinis Making Threats Online - 2nd Jul, 2017 - 3:06pm
    Using social media to make violent verbal attacks on people
  24. Videsh Subar & Rose Mohammed Murder Case - 1st Jul, 2017 - 1:06am / 2 comments
  25. Crime Scene Investigator In Trinidad And Tobago - 29th Jun, 2017 - 8:10pm / 1 comment

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