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Fri, 24th March, 2017 - 7:55 am GMT

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2017 Crime Stats Current Comments
T&T Murders: 106 ?
T&T Kidnappings**: 0
** Ransom only

Previous Year Crime Statistics:
TT Murders: 462
TT Kidnappings: 0

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How Many More?

Will crime statistics show a marked improvement this year for Trinidad and Tobago? Murders thus far: 106 ? and Kidnappings for Ransom: 0. Previous years have been indexed.

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Name: George

Title: Time to integrate?

Comments: There is never going to be any real progress of this nation. The future here looks rather bleak. However with some income still coming in from the profits of our natural resources our politicians and their supporters will continue to claim that the country is still able to hold its head above water,and is doing well. The real problems will come when we will have no choice but to fall head first into the abyss, when our natural resources are depleted. There is very little concern here about any form of diversification despite what the politicians might say.Whilst waiting to the fall into the abyss there are great opportunities for our local brigade of terrorist to strike it big, and in the end overthrow the government. In the light of our high crime rate, the galloping increase of general lawlessness now seems to be about the right time for another attempt to get the rid of our democracy one way or the other. Those at present in the corridors of power are giving a blurred signal that they want to go for a dictatorship or lead the nation into anarchy,which offers good incentives to the criminals and terrorist to strike whilst the time is right. The problem here is that only the citizens themselves could prevent the sad decline of this nation .It is now quite obvious that they cannot rely on politicians to improve our situation as the records and statistics will show things have got worse year after year, without any proven improvement. The situation would never have got to this stage if our politicians honestly and really cared about this nation or its citizens.They have in fact,put the financial interest of themselves,their party, their families and their corrupt associates before that of our ordinary citizens. That is why we are now landed with many over night millionaires and corrupt citizens who cannot account for how they accumulated their sudden wealth. This pattern of livelihood has now been adopted by the police,the judiciary, hardened criminals and many citizens. It is now observed even by the young seemly the making of potential criminals being educated within our schools. Things will just continue go from bad to worse if our ordinary citizens in a combined racial effort do not make a real attempt to take matters into their own hands.However, because of the present grip our elected representatives have on various aspects of the government administration and the rich of the private sector, this seems mostly unlikely here. The major outstanding and hidden problem facing this nation is the racial division within the population and the manner in which politicians from both sides of the fence use politics as a weapon of war between the two main racial groups to keep citizens and themselves politically and noticeably racially divided. In any democracy the people make the choice by selecting citizens who they believe will make life better for them such as better security,more employment better education, good environment, welfare and medical facilities. Here our citizens are being fooled time and time again by politicians making promises they never fulfilled.Generally speaking ordinary citizens here are in fact no better off than when we were a colony They have lost the morals, self discipline and ambitions and lacking in reasonable logic.. They are being led like sheep to the slaughter house. Many by mentors of their own race.They show little respect for each other. What independence has done for our nation is turned it into a haven for criminals .Many of those of status,wealth and in positions of authority being the worse of the damaging offenders. Though not classified as murderers or hardened criminals they could destroy and are destroying this nation by their lust of illegal financial greed and the bad examples they set to our society.The main offenders of corruption here are those from the well off group, yet you won't find any of these citizens behind prison bars here. For over fifty years of independence not one of our politicians has offered opportunities or legislation for improving integration of the two main races. The impression given is that they fear of doing so, as they would lose the superiority each has over the other in different aspects of our society. We urgently need a Race Relation Act to prevent the continuance of discrimination,and inequality within our politics and nation.. Without such an act politicians and citizens will remain within their shells of racial hatred spitefulness,ignorance and malice pretending to be living in multicultural society in harmony. We need to widely promote racial integration at all levels of our society so that our citizens could demonstrate in a combined racial group against those who uses the wealth of this nation to feather their own nest thus encouraging growing poverty and deprivation of our ordinary citizens. It is therefore essential that ALL of our our ordinary citizens have a say in stopping politicians from failing to fulfill their promises and to ensure that the politicians remove the barriers that prevent them from sharing equally in the nation's wealth. It is the only way now left for this nation and its people to make any real progress.

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