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Thu, 29th September, 2016 - 5:04 am GMT

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2016 Crime Stats Current Comments
T&T Murders: 341
T&T Kidnappings**: 0
** Ransom only

Previous Year Crime Statistics:
TT Murders: 410
TT Kidnappings: 3

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How Many More?

Will crime statistics show a marked improvement this year for Trinidad and Tobago? Murders thus far: 341 and Kidnappings for Ransom: 0. Previous years have been indexed.

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Name: Ashton

Title: Pregnant teens

Comments: This topic needs to be addressed. However, it is being addressed at the wrong level. This is " home based" issue with "home based" solutions. Teenage pregnancy is not about marriage, suicide, law enforcement. It is about value, education, respect, culture, tradition. It also about lust and physical desires, gratification and low self esteem. Empty promises and empty lives.
What is needed is a "grass root" approach- bringing to the general public the facts about teenage pregnancy. Over the past few months we keep confusing the term "teenage pregnancy" with "marriage" when in essence- they are two separate issues.
Most of the "teenage pregnancies" are a direct result of ignorance, power, low self esteem, lies, promises, lust, poverty and weakness.

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