Crime History in Trinidad & Tobago

Governments come and go, each with a new 'solution' for crime

Sun, 25th February, 2018 - 7:48 pm GMT

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2018 Crime Stats
T&T Murders: 87 ?
T&T Kidnappings**: 0
** Ransom only

Previous Year Crime Statistics:
TT Murders: 494
TT Kidnappings: 7

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How Crime Has Evolved

As the growth of socio-economic success took hold of Trinidad and Tobago so too did the desire for material possessions. In my personal opinion, serious spikes in crime started when there was a mass deportation of T&T nationals from North America (1999-2000). Another possible contributing factor was the influx of immigrants (both legal and illegal) that took up places and positions that would have otherwise been occupied by locals. The impact on real estate has been significant and basic salaries do not even cover the most standard of needs.

Remember the Eye in the Sky?

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Name: morning

Title: Legalize weed

Comments: Legalize it or not the people will still do it this is freedom of will the facts of the matter you humans think you have the right to decide what exist and what doesn't this man made world you live in is what blinds you you have eyes yet you cannot see how can you make a plant that grow naturally like all other things illegal sending good people in the name of justice to prison for something that make them happy when there other thing like murder kidnapping and other other serious you could use the time to solve instead you want to fool arresting people for something that dose no harm to anyone.

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