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Written by: JoePublic - 3rd Oct, 2011 - 10:08am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Makumba

Comments: Please...if you believe this [..] you will believe anything. The comments and statements made by Figueira have been discredited by all law enforcement agencies in Trinidad and in the USA. He is considered a mad man with a wild imagination.
Written by: JoePublic - 18th Feb, 2011 - 4:38pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Ruby

Comments: Mr. Darius Figuiera you should really to some further investigations into the source of this information. Yes I agree that there is a serious drug problem in Trinidad but I would not be so quick to believe that there are links to Al Qeada. Just think who would stand to gain from this information if this is a fact. Wouldn't it be a great reason or excuse for US to bring their war on terrorism to the shores of this little oil rich island that happens to be right next oil rich Venezuela
Written by: trinibabidoll - 27th Jun, 2003 - 9:43pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Well I agree there is a lot of both here ...not terrorism in the traditional sense of wanton destruction of lives and properties but a loss of the fundamental rights of certain sectors in this society a kind of mental terrorism and its depressing to think of the ineffectual leaders we have..I see the reins of power in this country being loosened whilst our leaders go in search of money and not to mention numerous photo opportunities... I have never seen so many ministers pictures in the papers as I have during the past few years...the situation in Laventille is fast developing into one that can have serious repercussions for the whole country seeing how "lackadaisical" we can all be we have ignored what has been happening in Laventille for too many years now...and I think that the situation cannot be controlled without a certain amount of violence because of the mini culture of "ghettoism" which was left to flourish there unabated for years...this culture has fostered in the youth of the area the need to resort to guns and gangster methods in order to be financially viable as well as to gain the respect of their peers...even today my cousin gave me an anecdote of a man riding a bike who stole someones car battery in broad daylight while not too far away a police officer was chatting up a woman. I mean lord words cannot express the disappointment I felt on hearing that ...anyways thats my rant on the situation in Trinidad don't know much about Tobago but I can tell you this much Tobago is much more peaceful than here.
Written by: Jason - 5th Jun, 2003 - 8:21am Trinidad Safety Reply
Investigator to blow the gaff on Venezuelan trans-shipments of cocaine

Trinidadian author and investigator Daurius Figueira is scheduled to blow the gaff on Venezuelan trans-shipments of Colombian cocaine in a Trinidad radio broadcast scheduled for Sunday. A specialist on narcotics investigations, Figueira says he has given key information to Trinidad & Tobago Special Branch police on how the drug shipments are controlled by his country's corrupt elites to fund a local cell of the Al Qaeda terrorist network.
In an interview with Newsday reporter Nalinee Seelal, Special Branch official Frank Diaz denied discussing details with Figueira and claimed that no reports had been forwarded to him, otherwise they would be thoroughly investigated.
Figueira, however, says that the Jamaat Al Muslimeen ... Led by Imam Yasin Abu Bakr ... Is not linked to Al Qaeda but that there are clear links with the Indo-Muslim community ... he claims that Al Qaeda members are not interested in toppling the T&T government but they concentrate on the drug trade, until assignments are shifted.
Figueira have preliminary details about the T&T branch of the Al Qaeda network at a crime conference saying that Al Qaeda is carrying out a thriving trade with drugs in T&T with the connivance of "some businessmen and politicians." He said that Special Branch police had listened to what he had to say two months ago ... But they have not contacted him since then.
"I have a network of persons who carry out intelligence and information gathering operations in T&T but we don't know who is who since some of the most influential persons here are linked to Al Qaeda."
Figueira, who converted to Islam in 1990, claims that Al Qaeda members can be found in key offices throughout Trinidad, and their mission is to ensure that the large shipments of drugs from Venezuela and Colombia which pass through Trinidad & Tobago are chanelled to buyers ... "local Al Qaeda members are often visited by operatives from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, but they have not visited T&T since the 9/11 World Trade Centre bombings."
Darius Figueira says that Al Qaeda has recruited Trinidadians to go to Muslim countries for studies and that the terrorist network is also involved in the import of guns which are sold to criminal elements. He says that T&T has become a narco-democracy since nothing is being done to put a stop to the drug trade because Al Qaeda had penetrated all the key organizations in the country.

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Admin: Jason, thanks for posting, but you need to include links to where this article came from, the author, etc so that it keeps within the copyright. It is helpful if the majority of words are your own and not someone's. We have had this problem in the past so thought I would tell you upfront. Please see similar thread in the Welcome board, thanks.

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