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Written by: JoePublic - 9th Jan, 2018 - 4:19pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Ashton

Title: Gun Laws in Trinidad/Tobago

Comments: There are already 'gun laws'. The two problems are- (1) failure to enforce the laws and (2) failure to enforce the law regarding the killers (Who us guns and or other weapons.) The continuing rise in 'gun use' will not be abated until ALL citizens get involved. The police force is unreliable due to many reasons some complicit in the crimes and some-underpowered and or lack of resources. The tidal wave of killings will continue until. The drug world is too enticing and lucrative. Poverty is too high. Compassion, respect- too absent. Hate, envy and jealousy too deep. The fire of racism is constantly being stoked.
Written by: JoePublic - 9th Jan, 2018 - 12:53am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Khaliil

international QUOTE
Why on earth we needed to arm the police with guns in the first place [..] Ever since the PNM armed the police, guns gradually became the main weapon of illegal killings.

Since you decided to make it a political issue; Your favorite party was funded by drug laundering from the get-go.
With Trinidad as a transshipment point for cocaine, drug traffickers came outfitted with automatic weapons, the police were outgunned. Remember the joint police/army patrols?

international QUOTE
We really did not need armed police here. I have no doubt that this move by the then government was one of the first to offer 'kick backs'

I don't know what Ken and Barbie/Hello Kitty world you're living in, but in the real world, drug dealers and their minions have real guns to use against other drug dealers. Idle minions with guns shoot innocent people.

US gun manufacturers have warehouses in Venezuela. So US guns can be shipped by South American drug traffickers.

NOTE to Khaliil: Khaliil, it is difficult to know what you are quoting from others vs. Your words without the quote tags. Please use them.
Written by: Callaloo - 9th Jan, 2018 - 12:14am Trinidad Safety Reply
The problem with guns in this country is they are too easy to get them in through our porous borders. The police came taking off the streets over 1000 guns and many thousands of rounds of ammunition but if they take off 1000 and they bring in 10,000 in a year what is the point? Customs, coast guard and army should have posts all over this country.
Written by: JoePublic - 8th Jan, 2018 - 11:17pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Khaliil

Title: Gun laws in T&T

Comments: There are literally.. As opposed to figuratively?

international QUOTE
Thieves and criminals in general here are NOT, I repeat NOT afraid of someone who has a gun because most of the time they're armed themselves with either guns or machetes and they definitely are NOT afraid to use them whether they feel threatened or provoked.

How many cases you know of where a criminal encountered armed opposition and continued their attack? Most times they run like little scared girls.

international QUOTE
I believe you can get a gun as long as you have a license for it.


international QUOTE

..but I don't know the details about how to get one.

Forms are available at the Government Printery, $1.50 for the two. Fill out and deliver to your local police station.

international QUOTE
Sometime ago a businessman visiting a friend in an affluent area in the West was brutally murdered when some thieves entered the house of his friend. He had on his possession a gun

Possession does nothing, use is what counts.

international QUOTE
I believe he tried to use it but he was killed regardless.

Belief is for things that cannot be proven. Don't speculate.

international QUOTE (JB)
On Beyond the Tape, Inspector Alexander showed the below firearm created using a wooden base. It has one round in it. These are the kinds of illegal firearms being circulated around T&T.

Oh how I wish this was true. Thats an example of a broke criminals ingenuity. The average gun toting criminal has a semiautomatic.
Written by: Westmoorings - 7th Dec, 2017 - 1:48am Trinidad Safety Reply
Criminals coming with high powered rifles and the most an ordinary citizen might get is a pistol. They also coming in numbers and will have the element of surprise. So having a gun doesn't make it an equal playing field. The solution to crime is to go after all these gangs and lock them up.
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