Woman Goes To Death Row Smiling

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Written by: KNtoran - 30th Jul, 2008 - 3:04pm Trinidad Safety Reply
They need to kill both of these people, The fact that she smiled as she left the court room is enough to show she really does not care that she took anothers life.
Written by: Pandora - 30th Jul, 2008 - 2:55pm Trinidad Safety Reply
She knows she is not going to be hanged after all. rolleyes.gif Some people just don't have regards for human life at all. And look at her, nice clothes and all. I don't get fooled by that in the least.

international QUOTE
Julia Esmeralda Sellier Ramdeen, also called J-Lo, smiled when the death sentence was passed on her yesterday for luring a man to his death in her apartment more than five years ago.

But her co-accused, David Abraham, stood still in the dock, staring straight ahead before receiving his death sentence.

The 12-member jury deliberated until the three-hour deadline before returning with the guilty verdicts. The jury went in at 10.58 am and returned at 2.02 pm.

The foreman said both accused were guilty as charged.

When asked by the court clerk if they had anything to say, both prisoners replied, "No, Sir."

The reality that the prisoners were heading to death row soon hit home for some in the court, who could not hide their emotion and had to rush out of the room. But Ramdeen, 30, kept her composure and offered a smile when the death sentence was passed on her.

Ramdeen, who had been kept in the remand section of the Women's Prison at Golden Grove, Arouca, was back at the same prison last night, but this time, in an isolated area: the women's death row.

Abraham, 32, returned to the Port-of-Spain State Prison and was immediately sent to the condemned section, where he was housed with 20 others awaiting their date with the hangman.

Ramdeen and Abraham were before Justice Ian Brook in the Port-of-Spain Sixth Criminal Court, charged with the murder of Carlos Phillip, a courier employed with National Helicopter Services Limited, between December 23 and 25, 2003, at Charlieville.

State attorney Joy Balkaran prosecuted. Wayne Sturge appeared for Ramdeen, while Hayden St Clair Douglas and Anil Maharaj represented Abraham.

The prosecution's case depended on a confessional statement from Ramdeen and the evidence of accomplice witness Junior Bruzual, who was granted immunity.

In her statement, Ramdeen said on December 23, 2003, she was engaged in conversation with Phillip on having a s-xual encounter. She said Phillip called and she met him not too far from her home.

They went to Ramdeen's home at Charlieville. She went to the bathroom and when she returned, she saw Phillip naked. "He started staggering, holding me and wining on me. I pushed him off and told him not me, Anna Lisa was coming. That was when my phone start to ring, he grabbed me by my throat and he end up untying my dress. So I start to push him off and he pushed me back. There was a brick by the door. I pick it up ad hit him on the left side of his head. He started making plenty noise."

Ramdeen said she hit Phillip several times with the brick. She begged him to shut up, but he did not. Ramdeen said Phillip slammed her on the wall. Realising she was not making headway, Ramdeen said she called her acquaintances, and one Ziggy arrived.

She said Ziggy told her that she would have to kill Phillip, that she had to cut his jugular vein "because if I don't kill him, he would go to the police and have me arrested." ....

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