Stephan Singh & Daniel Halls Murder Cases

Name: George

Title: Time to prevent further escaltion of crime

Comments: The writing is no longer on the wall. We are here facing the reality of the perpetual slaughter of more innocent citizens at an increasing rate. We can no longer rely on our local police force to deal effectively with our crime problems. The time has come when something meaningful must be done to stop this daily slaughter of our innocent citizens. Since our independence despite several new crime plans and National Security officers our police have failed to stem the annual rate of murders and other crime.This is despite the statistics they produce or what they may say.The evidence is staring us in the face. Our police have become a law onto themselves. Check Manhunt for three others | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper to get a reminder of how far they have become this law ,when they deliberately set up road blocks which they denied in protest of a of pay rise .The politicians hands were tied and failed to take any action against their underhand adverse behaviour . [The report] concerns the discovery of the bodies of two teenagers found in the forested are of St Agustine. Things have gone from bad to worse .We now have school children being turned in to potential criminals at an alarming rate due to the police failure to deal effectively with well established and known gangsters and local criminals.The overall impression given is that the police rapport with our Mr Bigs, masterminds of corruption and other crimes is part and parcel of our crime problems. There is now talk about appointing a Commissioner of police in about six months time. We need an experience and trustworthy Commissioner of police today not in six months time, We also need a foreigner to fill that position and to be accompanied by a brigade of police consisting of all ranks and qualified detectives. We also need to reinstate the death penalty now, and start the process of hanging those already found guilty of murder.If this is not done ,and things remain as they are, the government must start a prison building program to house all those killers on the loose for the rest of their lives when they are caught. Waiting to implement the inevitable is wasting time and costing innocent lives. Now one last word before I am lambasted by verbal abuse by our local bigots because I mentioned ' foreign police brigade' I really don't care if this brigade is made up of white,black brown or yellow individuals They must however, allowed to carry out the task in hand without deliberate hindrance and resentment as was observed during the short stay of Mr Gibbs and his deputy.