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Written by: Geenie - 30th Jun, 2008 - 1:47am Trinidad Safety Reply
When I was thirteen years old, I remember looking forward to summer holidays to play football, cricket, go roller skating, (yeah Geenie was a bit of a tomboy!) swimming, staying awake late at night to watch "Movie Night" or enjoying slumber parties. These days, teenagers are becoming greedier and more materialistic. Gone are the days when teens or kids get together to play, go to the movies or even do something to educate their minds. The latest is trying to extort money from their own parents. This is very disturbing on so many levels. I suppose one could argue that crime affects all of us. Even the kids too! But it is a very sad day for children to be emulating adult crime. Instead of taking full advantage of their free time at home, this is what they will resort to, feigning a kidnapping? I hope the police and the legal system punish them like adults without taking the girl's age into consideration. They want to behave like adults, like them face the consequences of their actions like adults. Trinidad is becoming a miniature version of hell on earth!
Written by: KNtoran - 16th Jun, 2008 - 2:17pm Trinidad Safety Reply
I wonder how many others are doing a fake kidnapping to get money out of people. I am glad the police charged them all with this. I hope the police get more active soon.
Written by: Pandora - 16th Jun, 2008 - 2:06pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Shame on her and all those involved in this fake kidnapping! I am very glad the police charged ALL of them, this is absolutely unacceptable taking into consideration there is a boy out there who has been kidnapping and probably is a real case.

Three schoolgirls and two men have been charged in connection with the "kidnapping" of 13-year-old Vanessa Nandlal,who spent two days at an Enterprise house before police found her last week.

The five have been charged with the wasteful employment of police time, and with demanding money by menace.

One of the men was charged with having sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 16 and with grievous sexual assault.

Nandlal, the daughter of a shoe store clerk, went missing last Tuesday evening while on her way to a parlour near her apartment at Clarke Road near the Uriah Butler Highway.

Hours later, said her brother Richard Nandlal, a call came to the family that kidnappers were holding Vanessa and she would be harmed if they reported it to the police. A ransom of $500,000 was demanded and the family said they did not have the means to pay, begging that Vanessa be freed. Anti-Kidnapping Squad officers were called in.

Last Thursday afternoon, Vanessa, a second form pupil of the Carapihaima Senior Comprehensive School, was found in a house at Enterprise with a 13-year-old boy....
Written by: News - 12th Jun, 2008 - 11:50am TT Crime Reply
Vanessa Nandlal

Kidnappers snatched another young victim Tuesday night-13-year-old Vanessa Nandlal, the daughter of a single mother working at a shoe store in Chaguanas. A $500,000 ransom was demanded for Vanessa, the third young person to be taken by criminals who are threatening to reverse the only recent success of the Police Service -crippling the kidnap business.

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