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2018 Crime Stats: 168 ? Murders 1 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: JoePublic - 4th Nov, 2015 - 3:13pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George


Comments: Dear Editor, For many years I have been trying to come to some form of conclusions as to why so many Afro/Trinidadians resort to crime and murders in on this small populated island in comparison to the other half of the population which are equally Indians. At one stage I thought it might be due the slave trade. I thought that perhaps a certain strain of slaves were imported into the island,with some sort of violent trait which was inherited by every new generation. I however cast this idea in the bin. This was because ,bearing in mind that other races in different parts of the world have also adapted the same pattern of criminal tendency ie Mexicans for example. Now I have reached my final conclusion and while poverty plays and important part in generating criminals and crime. The man cause is not just being poor as for example we here have many poor Indian citizens. I have therefore now concluded that the main cause as to why so many Afro/Trinidadians turn to crime is not because of just being poor. It is because of deprivation within the environment in which they live and the examples set by their elders, which is past down by generations suffering from government neglect ,poverty and general deprivation. Politicians here despite colour, class or creed have continued to neglect the needs of the ordinary Afro/Trinidadian because of his skin colour together mainly because the criminality in places like Beetham and Laventille. Outside the corridors of power,the police and almost all those of status and in positions of authority have continued to treat Afro/ Trinidadians as the lower class of our nation. Every Afro/Trinidad living in deprived communities has been and are continuing to be tarnished with the same brush which puts their lives and living conditions in a state of permanent stagnation. It is hard to believe that in the days of colonialism the ordinary Afro /Trinidadians lived in a more humane life ,and in a better environment. Today however,despite the fact that since independence the PNM which consist mainly of Afro Trinidadians, and held the political rein for almost half a century have done very little to improve the living conditions and environment of people of their own race residing in their strongholds such as Laventille. They because of their positions of authority simply disregard their racial identity but still implement the attitudes of their colonial masters as seeing the ordinary men and women of their own race as the lower human beings in our society. Nothing with regards to crime and criminality where Afro/Trindadians are concerned on this island is likely to be changed less government and those of status and authority despite colour, class or creed begin to see and treat Afro/Trinidaians living in poverty and deprivation as part of our nation and are entitled to share equally in the wealth of this nation. If nothing is done to remedy the situation we can only look forward to the creation more villages like Laventille with the perpetual breeding of more Afro/ Trinidadians with a tendency to becoming potential criminals because of the deprived environment in which they are confined.
Written by: JoePublic - 3rd Nov, 2015 - 10:39am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: murders and other crimes her

Comments: It would appear that the government is waiting yet again for the present surge in murders and other crimes to subside without doing anything meaningful about the present situation which by the looks of events is only going to get much worse. The police need urgent outside help with manpower and expertise detection methods. Politicians must stop dilly dallying and senior police officer must now demand immediate outside assistance to stop especially the upsurge in slaughter of innocent officials and other citizens on this island. We need action not words.
Written by: TriniBash - 31st Oct, 2015 - 2:37pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Only a set of talk and no action. I heard that marijuana scarce. Must be since they have those new boats patrolling.
Written by: JoePublic - 28th Oct, 2015 - 5:06pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Mackie

Title: Solve rate of murders

Comments: Of the 350+ murders to date, how many persons were held accountable? If we go on the premise that of the 350, all were killed by a single person, then we have a slew of killers, if the answer is in the negative, then we have multiple serial killers. Either way you slice it the solve rate is something less than desired. Policing is not only a job for the police, but all citizens ought to have an eye out for illegal activities. No one ever sees anything unless it happens in their backyard. Please help the authorities clean up beautiful T&T.

Source: Trinidad statistics
Written by: JoePublic - 16th Oct, 2015 - 11:25am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: After having a close look at the crime statistics here, I get the impression that none of these figures are genuine when presented. In the first place there are over 750 citizens who go missing every year on this island. A majority of these are never located .The trend continues year after year. Where have all these citizens gone?. Are some victims of some of those serial killers on the run?. The other noticeable fact is that reading between the lines of the local press it suggest that much more kidnappings, murders and other crimes are committed than those shown in the official statistics. With regard to kidnappings it would appear that ransoms are secretly paid quickly to avoid the death of the victims held. This at present seems to be a big money spinner for our local hardened and experienced criminals dealing in this form of crime. Finally the most hidden and regular CRIMINAL act is that of corruption by those in high places, even when it comes to light, people from this group are never punished. I doubt you will find any such citizen in our prisons despite the fact they head the list of those caught for this type of offence. Something is just not right with crime statistics on this island. It need close scrutiny. I will still keep wondering where all these missing citizens have gone to.
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