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2018 Crime Stats: 168 ? Murders 1 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: JoePublic - 27th Feb, 2016 - 11:47am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George


Comments: In my opinion where politicians are concerned there are too many, ifs,buts, and maybes, and important and essential things that should have been done years ago are still being talked about. Some politicians are eager to gain honourable merit by trying to emulate the development of advanced countries by satisfying the Civil Rights movement without facing the realities of serious lawlessness here,which has amounted to our citizens living in fear if their lives. They certainly appear to be in a rush to achieve what is obviously impossible.

Moreover they have become experts at offering lip service where our uinternal crime and other problems are concerned. They kep failing to come up withany meaningful or constructive solutions. The country appear to be now run in a Mafia style manner .The impression given is that our politicians are merely tokens of a make belief democracy but like the police are under the thumbs of the Mr Bigs and the masterminds of local corruption. It would now appear that wherever you turn on this island there is a smell of corruption .Not only it is noticeable among our politicians and the police. It seems to be every where including the municipal departments,the civil service, the education department, the licensing office, the customs an excise ,the taxation office, our sporting associations, the justice system and the banking sector. This is evident by the various inquiries and probe that are from time to time made into these facets of our administration…

There is a clear indication that country is corrupt to its core. This nation is in a complete mess. We have a constant high annual murder rate of murders ,with hundreds of loose killers roaming the island taking pot shots at anyone for the joy of it, which they treated as a habitual hobby. There is the expansion of all types of crimes here. The police appear to become a law onto themselves ,or decided that our crime scenario is too high a mountain to climb without additional manpower.and have given up ,and are now doing their best to forget about certain types of crime by classifying them as acceptable such as kidnappings,and corruption. ..In fact crime has now become a big money spinner and even our TV entertainment is rampant with heroics by local police in' beyond the tape 'with some senior policemen presenting themselves as leading 'Rambo' styled Hollywood movie stars.

We have a corrupt judiciary system,assisted by greedy lawyers who are not interested in the reasons why they became lawyers but by bending the provisions of the oath act associated with our legislation are mainly interested in defending the high ranking criminals provided the price is right .

We have a nation strangling itself by hidden racism and a high degree of bigotry and a racially divide in our political approach to internal matters.There is no legislation to enhance racial integration or race relations .We have no effective deterrent to stem the daily slaughter of our innocent citizens and our representative and our security protectors are quite contented with things as they are. We have politicians stabbing each other in the back.

School children already engaged in serious criminal acts and are being groomed as potential criminals.We have people of status in positions of authority hell bent on milking the Treasury of public funds. We have now a majority of ordinary citizens seeking any lawless method to become rich overnight thus following the examples set by our rich and wealthy citizens.We are getting no where as a nation.

We are simply going around in circles .As an independent nation we are far worse off than when we were under colonial rule,when we had around two or three murders annually and a very limited amount of crimes and no registered.lawlessness. If this country could disappear under water by pulling a plug I would say pull the plug now.

Rather off topic, but...
Finally I wish to thank the operators of this website to allow me to air my views though sometime controversial without hindrance which is in keeping with the ethics of freedom of speech and in support of democracy.
Written by: JoePublic - 23rd Feb, 2016 - 10:43am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: The police have failed to stem the murder rate

Comments: The random murders of ordinary civilians have become an everyday event here .The way things are going sooner or later almost all families will have some relative of theirs slaughtered by these killers on the loose on this island. Local killers have become more bold faced and callous and now show no remorse as reported in the Guardian this morning re the killings in Laventille. One of my relatives was murdered in a random manner by one of these madmen three years ago. The politicians have so far failed to take the draconian measures needed to stop these killings.and have allowed the police to have the final say in how our police should be administered which have so far proven ineffective and fiiutless. Moreover we now have no deterrent to stop these killers.mainly because of in fighting between our political parties who fail to see eye to eye on this matter. The reinstatement of the death penalty is urgently needed in order to deter the the killing spree that now exist.Politicians here too must stop trying to conform to the requirements of the human rights authority and face the reality of our local predicament. With such a small land mass of 60x40 miles and a small population an efficient and effective reasonable sized police force should be able to stem the flow of our annual murder rate Our police have over the last 50 years have made no impact in stemming the flow of this evil crime on this island. This is despite what the police hierarchy may say ,This is clearly evident by the consistent annual rate of murders. We need urgent experienced outside help without the intervention of biased politicians and other officials who act as obstacles and are contented to leave things as they are in order to satisfy the interest of themselves and the their corrupt associates. We also now kidnappings, another serious crime which is out of control.. This crime has surpassed corruption in the rank of acceptability as it is no longer even recorded by the police.The future looks bleak for citizens and the fear that me or you could be next on the slab at the mortuary is no longer a possibility but has now become a high probability.
Written by: JoePublic - 5th Feb, 2016 - 8:47pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: It looks like all those loose murderers have left the island or have decided to give it a rest. Perhaps too ,one of those regular and persistent killers have been put to rest. I hope I haven't spoken too soon. With no murders reported in the last few days we probably could have a low rate of recorded murders for February thus leading to a fall throughout the following months ending up with a record annual low rate of murders which will be great.
Written by: TriniBash - 2nd Jan, 2015 - 2:08pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Permanent army bases in high crime areas, why is this so hard to accomplish? They do it for a few weeks and the stop, why?
Written by: JoePublic - 31st Dec, 2015 - 8:42pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: I see that despite Mr Williams announcement last year to keep the murder rate below 403 he has failed. By the way what about kidnappings eh? No mention of these crimes have been made by Mr Williams. Oh I forgot it is now reclassified a an acceptable serious crime and is only recorded if someone let the cat out of the bag, at the risk of the victim being murdered. In my opinion aiding and abetting the hiding of kidnappings is not helping the crime situation here. It only helps to give a false sense of security. By the way not until Abu Bakr is punished for his act of treason in 1990 will there be any let up in murders and serious crimes here by Afro / Trinidadians. His freedom and apparently later successful tactics in avoiding being punishment for other alleged criminal acts has embedded the belief in Afro / Trinidadians that crime pays here if you are black.
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