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Written by: JoePublic - 30th Dec, 2016 - 1:19pm Trinidad Safety Reply

Name: George

Title: Dealing with crime here

Comments: I really cannot understand what is going on it this nation with regards to dealing effectively with crime and criminals. Our law enforcement officers are not making any headway in solving crimes or detaining criminals. The criminals are on a galloping rampage here. We have so much crime and general lawlessness it is becoming difficult for citizens to even remember what crime took place a week ago. We have a fireworks problem, an arson problem as the new trend now by local criminals is the set fire to premises then rob them of their contents. We have the daily occurrences of personal spitefulness between citizens which leads to more crime. Murders, kidnappings and an overall increase of living in fear because of general lawlessness whether it be drivers breaking the law, of ordinary pedestrians being attacked or assaulted whilst going about their normal business. This nation has now become a country not suitable for habitation by civilized and decent human beings, as it seems to be taken over and controlled by savages. As for the governance of the nation by our elected representatives, they may not be here at all. Yes, they say a lot, but do nothing .They have simply run out of ideas of how to deal with our lawless scenario. They have abandoned any plan to deal with our crime problems and have passed the buck to the local police lock, stock, and barrel who have already become a law onto themselves. They have now adopted the same principle as the politicians of playing a wait and see game, hoping that things might change in their favor. We are a nation falling to pieces with no one is trying to pick up the pieces, or showing any inclination of fixing anything, bearing in mind the promises made by our politicians and the police. There seems to be no respect of civic duty by our elected representatives.We are on our own, and must now deal with matters as we see fit. If nothing is done soon to halt the decay then 2017 could be the year that may hasten the politicians to wake up to what is really going on here, with regards to high -class corruption and low- class criminal activities which is driving this nation to the breaking point. Then they may, at last, do something meaningful and constructive about our plight A good start would be to restore the death penalty.
Written by: JoePublic - 26th Dec, 2016 - 1:00pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: The pot calling the kettle black

Comments: Everything here is now upside- down. The country is in the biggest mess it has ever been in. This is reflected in the latest event including Mr West and his obvious enemy Mr Michael Seales. It is a situation where the pot is calling the kettle black, ie a situation in which one person criticizes another for the fault they have themselves. I remember not long ago reading the following:- ' Police Inspector Michael Seales is now under investigation for claiming that the government was attempting to provoke the police, so that a State of Emergency would be declared in order to delay the general election. The Police Service says Seales has been suspended immediately from duty.' The problem here is, we just can no longer distinguish right from wrong and as I have said many times before certain individuals are protected by our police, politicians, and the judiciary by implementing one law for one sector of our population and another for the other. It is just the illogical reasoning, spitefulness and mentality of those in positions of authority on this island and it seems that nothing can be done about it.
Written by: JoePublic - 22nd Dec, 2016 - 11:26pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: The encouragemnet of crime here.

Comments: It would now appear that the trend here has turned in favor of criminality. Reading the daily various reports on murders corruption, kidnappings stealing, petty crime and general lawlessness and the violence and misbehavior of our secondary school pupils that is taking place on this island, reflect a fast degrading society in dire need of discipline. The failure of the police to catch our killers and other criminals has only given the incentive to the potential criminalS to jump on the bandwagon of crime. One of the main reasons why the police are seen as the enemy of the ordinary citizens is the manner in which -they deal with the public. They are lacking in the art of rapport and acting in a respectable and dutiful manner when confronting citizens they suspect of undertaking acts of criminality.However, the worse offenders of our crime scenario are the judiciary. The police at present are paying the price for their perpetual application of one law for the rich and another for the not dealing with the elite in the manner in which they deserve when it comes to punishments associated with crimes. Members of the judiciary wear the masks of legal respectability but act as protectors of those criminals of status and wealth and this is now observed by a majority of our ordinary citizens. The problem is that it has now become almost impossible to change the situation as the benefactors mainly those high ranking officials in positions of power and authority just won't tolerate any diversion of what is in play at present. The future both for the police and the crime scenario seems rather bleak here. The picture now projected is that majority of our ordinary citizens have been encouraged to be dishonest and turn to crime because the chances of being caught are very slim indeed, As for the upper- class crooks especially those involved in corruption they feel very much as the untouchables because as the record shows, they have been getting away with almost all of their criminal adventures without any serious retributions. This is the view from that Trini that has plenty to say Finally, those in the corridors of power have not helped the situation by constantly displaying an attitude of being possessed by a syndrome of personal financial greed by employing tricks of the political trade in order to feather the nests of themselves and their corrupt associates. They are forever, sticking the knife into each other backs and at the same time trying their hardest to pull the wool over the eyes of the ordinary citizens. This simple reflects the chaos and lack of logical reasoning that exists now within our politics., How do we ever get out of this cycle of a very bad predicament.
Written by: JoePublic - 11th Dec, 2016 - 7:41pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Lack of respect for our local police and trust

Comments: There are several reasons why the ordinary citizens of this nation do not trust the local police.This is having a tremendous effect on the police not being able to make any real progress in the battle against crime here. They are not receiving the expected assistance from our ordinary citizens. One significant reason is that the police have now adopted an attitude of being a law onto themselves which is clearly displayed in the calypso video entitled ' Road Block' related to the police demand for an increase in their salaries in 2015,This calypso maybe amusing but it is certainly an eye opener,and gives one food for thought. There have also been reports of senior police officers dabbling in certain corrupt practices over the past decades. The implementation by the judiciary of one law for the rich and another for the poor on this island only encourages the police to deal more leniently with those of status and of wealth. This is particularly noticeable in the number of those citizens found guilty of corruption here,but are allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains and are never imprisoned. This is a small island 60x40 miles with a small population, the criminal element being in the minority but despite this, the police have a very poor record in crime detection especially in respect of murders, kidnappings, and other serious crimes. They seem more interested in the criminals involved in petty crimes at the lower level of our society. The leader of the local police has now adopted a habit of perpetually trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the ordinary citizens by inferring that crime has fallen when in fact it is quite the opposite. There is practically no difference in the average level after our independence which is over five decades ago. There is also a growing tendency by the police to make announcements of investigations and probes into the many serious crimes committed by those of status and in positions of authority on this island which never materializes but are swept under the carpet. The continuing failure of the police to enforce law and order in an expected rightful manner to reduce crime as whole and the expansion of lawlessness in this country is caused and reflected by the degrading disrespectful manner in which they deal with many of our ordinary citizens. This is displayed in the growing number of complaints. Finally, there are just too many police now jumping on the criminal band -wagon which is reported by the number of officers now suspended being alleged in the involvement in criminal activities. This will only encourage the ordinary citizens to view many policemen as no better than ordinary criminals thus maintaining the high level of a lack of respect and trust. Please bear in mind that this observation is made by that Trini living in the UK who has plenty to say.
Written by: JoePublic - 5th Dec, 2016 - 4:11pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Ashton

Title: Crimes- most common causes

Comments: The current crime (Murder rate in particular)situation in TT is almost totally out of control. While I offer the following suggestions that would likely help in solving this matter, keep in mind that it would take at least 2 generations to see any significant success. Criminal activities are spawned when- -there are no economic opportunities for our young and middle-aged citizens. -there is the breakdown within families -there is the feeling of being under-paid, under valued. This leads to extortion, corruption, bribery. -there are no standards set by leaders from ALL walks of life (Morally, integrity, race baiting, etc. In order to address the above, ALL citizens need to acknowledge their role. Leaders need to come together as 1 to create, implement, support stimulate and protect entrepreneurial opportunities for those searching for same.
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