Little Girl, 2, Missing From Daycare Center

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Written by: AlaskanLDS - 29th Jan, 2008 - 11:38pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Well I would of been right there with you! Over-protective or not, its our children! They are put in our charge to be watched and protected--not to be casual with their whereabouts....ESPECIALLY when specifically told NOT to take them somewhere-whether or NOT they went swimming is beside the point. And if he wasn't swimming, who was with him. UGH! My blood would of so been boiling as a mom! Good for you for standing up to them!
Written by: Pandora - 29th Jan, 2008 - 11:08pm Trinidad Safety Reply
That is so scary! Does your country usually have measures that prevents that from happening?

Since I am fortunate to home-school, I really don't know. The thing is EVEN if measures are in place, most things here are run so casually that nothing is taking seriously. Let me give you an example. When my oldest son was around 4, we sent him to a pre-school two blocks away from my home. Some of the kids in the pre-school had swimming lessons twice a week in another place. Our son was NOT allowed to go and we made that very clear from day 1. One day I went to pick him up and I only found the secretary who informed me MY CHILD WAS NOT THERE! I started to freak out. I started asking this woman where my child was and she told me they took him with the other kids for swimming lessons! I was FURIOUS! Time was passing by and my kid was not coming with the van with the other kids.

End of the story: They came, I was so angry that I started shouting at everybody, specially the Principal for her lack of responsibility. He never actually went swimming but went along with them but that's not the point! I wondered how many times they did take him without me knowing about it?

Of course, the Principal along with the other Trinidadians looked at me like I was an over-protective crazy mother but I know better, I have traveled, I have lived in other countries. I KNOW the way things are run here are NOT normal and I have to keep repeating myself that in order to not get used to this non-sense.

Written by: AlaskanLDS - 29th Jan, 2008 - 10:31pm Trinidad Safety Reply
That is so scary! Does your country usually have measures that prevents that from happening?

I know if I try to pick up one of my kids after they have boarded a school bus, I have to be verified, even if my child runs up calling me MOM! For the "at school" time, we have to provide a list of who can pick them up and they have to sign out for the child. That thought in itself can be disturbing because I am sure there have been "friends" of family that have kidnapped children before.

I do not have much experience with daycares but I would think they have these type of standards as well.
Written by: Pandora - 29th Jan, 2008 - 9:51pm Trinidad Safety Reply
This is BEYOND me. How in the world these people (in charge of the daycare center) could give a child to a man that just claims the child's mother send him? angry.gif What the heck is wrong with these people? I can only imagine the nightmare this mother is going through!

international QUOTE
NINE days ago, Dara Patrick, 28, of Wallerfield dropped her two and a half-year-old daughter Afeisha Kallian Moore to a pre-school in Wallerfield. Upon her return to the school, after work, she was told the child was already picked up by a man who claimed he came for the child on Patrick's behalf.

Her worst nightmare had become a reality. "I don't know who picked up my child from school but I fear she may be in great danger and I am pleading for anyone with information to contact the nearest police station or me. Please, help me get my child back," Patrick cried.

Afeisha lives with her mother at 100 Acres Cumuto Main Road, Wallerfield and has been missing, according to police, since January 16.

Afeisha was dropped off at about 7.30 am by Patrick and was wearing a white jersey, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of grey and white sneakers.

Patrick claimed that at about midday a man came to the school and told the teacher that he was there to pick up Afeisha....

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