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Written by: Geenie - 22nd Jan, 2008 - 8:02pm Trinidad Safety Reply
My spouse and I were just talking about taking a dip in Las Cuevas the other day. But not anymore! It never ceases to amaze me how organized these criminals are. Only three of them and yet they successfully managed to rob not one or two but twenty people on the beach. It is interesting that they chose to use dogs to assist them in carrying out their crimes. They were smart enough to realize that people may stand up to them, if they tried to rob them. Judging from their description, they appear to be young and perhaps not very menacing looking. Hence the reason why they used dogs. Much more organized than our police force, that's for sure! The main reason why criminals are becoming bolder is because they are aware of how weak our police system is. There is absolutely no protection for innocent citizens in this country anymore. Quite frankly, if my spouse and I had the opportunity, we would leave here in a heartbeat, without looking back!
Written by: krakyn - 5th Dec, 2007 - 7:31pm Trinidad Safety Reply
BRANDON3366 I think if you seen three men armed with cutlasses you would tend to hand over what you have. To attack many would suffer greatly when unarmed and experienced in unarmed combat against such blades. I agree I found it strange that non answered the call for help. Make me question if it had been pre-staged and payments made for a blind eye.

Here is the idea of what they carried.

Not very pretty but very effective and easy to make.
Written by: BRANDON3366 - 4th Dec, 2007 - 7:48pm Trinidad Safety Reply
What happen to our country.Our people are standing by and allowing this to happen, twenty people got rob by three the maths don't add up. What happen here is not the first time incident because there was an article sometime ago, where people were robbed and beaten. Did our police investigated this matter, since to me in sounds like the same bunch of guys.What has the tourism and minister of national security has to say. We want Trinidad to be a tourist desination.haaaaaaaaa, big joke!
Written by: JB - 4th Dec, 2007 - 12:55pm TT Crime Reply
QUOTE (From Report)
"I ran to the office and called the police, but there was no response," he said.

Crime will happen, but that part is the most scary.

I never did like Las Cuevas, it is very isolated - easy target for bandits.
Written by: Pandora - 4th Dec, 2007 - 12:44pm Trinidad Safety Reply
So are you thinking in relaxing and going to the beach this weekend? Think it twice as beaches are not safe anymore in "sweet" T&T.

international QUOTE
About 20 bathers at Las Cuevas beach were terrorised and robbed by three men armed with cutlasses, a gun and two dogs on Sunday afternoon.

The scene yesterday at the beach was a far cry from the terror of Sunday-bathers were wading in the water with pelicans sitting behind them, a game of cricket was being played and stray dogs were running on the sand.

Carl Hernandez, one of the lifeguards who was on duty Sunday, said a couple who were bathing in the sea ran to his post and alerted him that there were three slim, dark men who were robbing people on the beach.

"I ran to the office and called the police, but there was no response," he said.

"We then called the lifeguard office in Maracas Bay, who (the guards) drove to the police station and told them what was going on."

By the time the police got to Las Cuevas, Hernandez said, about 20 people had been robbed of their jewelry, money and cell phones.

The men escaped by running through the nearby swamp.

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