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Written by: JB - 27th Nov, 2015 - 11:21pm TT Crime Reply
According to TV6 News a Trini living in New York, who wore a Trini flag around his face while committing multiple robberies, was finally nabbed while he had the same mask (Flag) in his pocket. NYPD has commented the stupidity of his act by carrying his 'evidence' with him everywhere he went.
Written by: Pandora - 24th Jul, 2013 - 2:44pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Two Trinidadians who are currently investing millions in Trinidad and Tobago were charged in Orange Country, Florida with trafficking some 3,000 pounds (1,360 kg) of marijuana.

international QUOTE
According to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, police found 1,230 pounds (558 kg) of marijuana inside an RV (Recreational vehicle) owned by Mukesh and Shamila Ram­per­sad-815 pounds (370 kg) in a storage compartment below the vehicle and roughly 415 pounds (188 kg) inside the bed in the bedroom of the RV.

The Rampersads were two of five people arrested by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation in the incident.

Larry Zwieg, director of the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, was quoted in an online report by RTT News: "That might be the most I"ve ever seen here in Orlando. We are looking further into the organisation. We are looking further into this couple who were driving the RV."

Zwieg had told RTT News the marijuana was being trans­ported by a Jamaican drug-trafficking organisation and was to be distributed throughout the state of Florida.

Rampersad, 51, was accompanied by his wife on the tour bus owned by the couple, valued at US$400,000. They were charged with trafficking in cannabis greater than 2,000 pounds with a firearm and conspiracy to traffic cannabis greater than 2,000 pounds. According to the county records, Rampersad was released the same day on a US$100,300 surety bond while his wife was released on a US$100,150 cash bond. Source 1
Written by: News - 31st May, 2013 - 11:59pm TT Crime Reply
Trinidadian: Prabttie Maraj Green Card Scam

Green card applicants have been scammed by a Trinidadian woman in Queens, New York. At least $6,000 were taken from the green card applicants, who thought they were submitting a green card application fee. Ref. Source 3
Written by: Politico - 22nd Apr, 2013 - 7:21pm Trinidad Safety Reply
You could add to this list: Jack Warner. He is known world wide already. Not only embarrassing the country but its like what one of the integrity committee members said, he is just a white-collar criminal.
Written by: News - 13th Oct, 2012 - 11:19pm TT Crime Reply
Annie Dookhan*, chemist at Mass. Crime lab, arrested for allegedly mishandling over 60,000 samples

(CBS/AP) BOSTON - Police arrested Annie Dookhan on Friday for allegedly faking drug results, forging paperwork and mixing samples at a state police lab in a scandal that has lawyers scrambling to figure out how to handle the 1,140 inmates who were convicted using possibly tainted evidence. Ref. Source 4

* Trinidad born

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