2013-2015 T&T Crime Cases

Some highlighted 2013-2015 cases out of many for the same period

Sun, 25th February, 2018 - 7:49 pm GMT

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2018 Crime Stats
T&T Murders: 87 ?
T&T Kidnappings**: 0
** Ransom only

Previous Year Crime Statistics:
TT Murders: 494
TT Kidnappings: 7

2013-2015 Highlights

A Synopsis of Crime for 2013-2015 in Trinidad & Tobago: Police worked to get crime under control but despite their efforts the murder rate increases. The TTPS says that overall other crimes have been reduced but the general public tends to judge the progress and work of the police by the murder rate. One thing is very noticable: kidnappings for ransome are almost non-exsistent so the police have definitely curbed the criminals who chose to 'get rich quick' through those means. The police comissioner is still in an acting status for what is viewed as a lot of red tape in an archaic system.

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Latest Trini Chat:

Name: Clive

Title: Police false stats.

Comments: Whenever the figure is close to the hundredth mark there can be 5 or six murders but the figure would only increase by 1 or 2, in addition at the government morgues and private funeral agencies there are murdered bodies that have not been identified, for years so that those figures are not added.

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