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2017 Crime Stats: 295 ? Murders 2 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: JoePublic - 4.9 Days Ago Trinidad Safety Reply

Name: George

Title: Search for top cops

Comments: I hope officials here are not wasting time and money in the search for a new commissioner and deputy commissioner of police. Selecting a local policemen to fill these positions is not going to work .We just don't breed or have this calibre of persons on this island. We need outsiders to take hold of the leadership of our police force. We need men of morals,honesty and the ability to project respect and protect our citizens. Most of all we need top men with the experience and ability to catch our roaming killers and bring them to justice.
Written by: JB - 1 Week Ago TT Crime Reply
There is a big stir on social media and the local police about a recent photo showing a police woman (WPC) in a compromising position. There is also a renewed interest in having the new act implemented to stop the sharing of people's personal photos, cyberbullying, etc.

Image via Trinidad Express Source 6v

Written by: JoePublic - 22nd Jul, 2017 - 12:42pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Body cameras

Comments: The use of body cameras here is just another expensive 'must have' gadget that our police desire.. The police here do not need these expensive toys.They want to get out of their cars and do regular foot patrols within our communities. And try to form relationships with community leaders.The underlying problem here is that the police are not trusted by our citizens and are not seen as protectors of the ordinary citizens.

Not only that, their past record shows that they have never made any real progress here where especially serious crime are I concerned since our independence despite the amount of new equipment and money spent at their demands. This new gadget is just another attempt to keep up with what police forces are doing in advanced developed country and is part and parcel of the crime money spinner that exist here. . I predict it will in the end make no difference whatsoever to our crime scenario and will again be recorded as a waste of public money.
Written by: Westmoorings - 21st Jul, 2017 - 11:03pm Trinidad Safety Reply
From the 1st August we're the TTPS is supposed to be wearing body cameras. How do you feel knowing you are being picked up on camera? I think it will be a good thing to see how police work goes but I hope they keep it on and not off like those cops in the USA that killed someone and when they did an investigation they found that their cameras were off.
Written by: JoePublic - 22nd Jun, 2017 - 8:43am Trinidad Safety Reply

Name: George

Title: TTPS a law unto themselves

Comments: What government minister Clarence Rambharat failed to say when he talked about TTPS and the crime scenario here is that crime here has become a money spinner. It is the very reason why no constructive or remedial action is being taken to stem the flow of everyday murders and general lawlessness here,either by the police or the politicians whose hands are tied to some degree. The present and previous politicians are to be blamed for handing over full control of our crime scenario to TTPS. Yes the politicians hands are now tied because over the years they have gradually released their control and responsibility of the police system here,thus allowing the police to become a law unto themselves. Just look at the results after many decades of having a police force manned by local citizens who have lost the respect of the ordinary citizens because allegations of dabbling in corruption, without seemingly any official hindrance. After all if the ordinary citizens were and are still aware of what goes on within TTPS then the politicians too must be also aware of these wrong doings. One hasn't got to look too far within this set up to find senior officials of this department violating the legal system. We have at present at least three senior official within TTPS due to appear in court for alleged breaking the law however, these individuals are still operating as usual when in fact they should have been being suspended from duty What sort of example is this?. What about all these probes and investigations that the police were supposed to have started what happened to most of them such as the investigation into the affairs of Jack Warner?. What about the cost for renovating the Red House. What did it cost and whose bank account benefited from this project?. I am not a policeman but in my eyes there must be a hell of a lot of crime committed here by other government officials that need probing. However, the police continue to turn a blind eye to the illegal activities of the Mr Bigs and are quite prepared to pursue the lesser mortals for petty crimes they may have committed to reflect that they to some extent are protectors of our citizens. The whole of TTPS needs urgent reform and we need a outside commissioner of police and urgent outside help.Our politicians must again take control back from TTPS by introducing the correct and necessary are legislation to combat the battle against all serious crimes which now being used as a money spinner.
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