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Written by: TriniBoi - 15th Aug, 2015 - 5:05pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Focusing on prisons, the place needs to be humane but not like home. These men should be involved in hard labor so they are too tired to worry about taking pictures and lewed behaviour.
Written by: JoePublic - 9th Aug, 2015 - 6:17pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George


Comments: For over fifty years on prison service has been neglected by politicians having lack of foresight and suffering from personal financial greed. In general they have failed badly despite our tremendous wealth to enhance the standard of living of many citizens who are still living in a state of deprivation and poverty. Many young citizens are left with no choice but to turn to crime to achieve some recognition and survive. They follow the nod and a wink given to Afro/Trinidadians by the PNM politicians that crime pays here if you are black, when they allowed Abu Bakr to walk free after committing treason. This, together with the lack of proper enforcement of law and order, and a corrupt judiciary system who are hell bent on administrating the principles of one law for the rich ,citizens of status, and the elite, and, another law for ordinary citizens, have landed a multitude of Afro/Trinidadians behind bars. This is due mainly to corruption which has now become part and parcel of our culture and which is the domain of those mainly in authority or of status. Many of our present and past politicians seem to be obsessed with concrete and building new roads to actually no where. The clue to this obsession is linked to 'kick backs' associated with this road building projects Moreover the follow up maintenance of these poorly build roads leave local contractors rubbing their palms with the certainty that their bank accounts will always be in credit. If they carrying on as they are now doing in 50 years time we may end up with little or no green environment. The blind eye attitude of politicians and the law enforcement officers in the past and present is unbelievable on this small bit of earth with a very small population. Take for example a couple of recent reports and events. First is the assassination threat against Mr Rowley, now who will benefit from his demise?. Yes ask your self that question. Secondly .Who is the benefactor of the demise of Dana Seethal ?. Yes ask yourself that question. Thirdly. Why is Mr William still acting as Commissioner of police when crime is still at a galloping pace. Yes, ask yourself that question, Fourthly .Why are so many police investigations and government probes swept under the carpet. Yes ask yourself that question, and while you are about it ask yourself this question .What ever happened to the investigation into the BIG COCAINE BUST? .Another noticeable abnormally is the non presence of citizens of status behind bars despite the fact many were caught for the CRIMINAL act of corruption. Yes after over 50 years our politicians, our police system ,and the judiciary and those supporters of the masterminds of corruption and other serious crimes are apparently still wearing blinkers.
Written by: TriniBoi - 27th Jul, 2015 - 12:57pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Because those prison guards constantly exposed to criminalsnits easy for them to become involved in their mindset or do it out of fear for their lives.
Written by: JB - 25th Jul, 2015 - 11:13pm TT Crime Reply
There is leaked CCTV footage showing the actual breakout both inside and outside the prison that was likely leaked by the prison officers. Interesting to see on the video was after their exit: when the men broke out they were immediately confronted by a police jeep and although a gun battle ensued the police did not give chase for at least 50 seconds.
Written by: Korrect - 25th Jul, 2015 - 1:51pm Trinidad Safety Reply
You see what happened yesterday, that will not reflect good on prison officers. How did they allow guns and ammunition on the compound?
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