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2017 Crime Stats: 250 ? Murders 0 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: JoePublic - 8th Oct, 2016 - 7:23pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Prevention of crime

Comments: Without the death penalty,no effective crime plan and the promise of not calling a State of Emegency Mr Dillion is wasting his time in deploying police and soldiers to the Central area to fight crime. This must give, the criminals more assurance that they are most likely to get away with all types of crimes withour any real deterrent of hindrance. These crimnals whether murderers or not, will simple move on to another area of the island and carry on in their evil trade in the same manner. Criminals here must be caught and made to pay the deserved retribution. Deliberate murderers must face the the ultimate punishment of death by hanging. Introducing any new crime plan without the above procdures is simple a waste of time and money. Things have gone from bad to worse on this particular island and the solution is staring the politicians in their faces. The reinstatement of the death penalty, the commencment of hangings, the refornm of our corrupt police and judiciary system, and better morals and compassionate examples by those in the corridors of power and other distinguished citizens are all essential to stop the spread of the expanding lawlessness on this island. Surely I am not the only citizen with the above views.We need urgent positive and meaningful action now.Poiliticains and those in positions of authority must Stop the dilly-dallying .
Written by: JoePublic - 6th Oct, 2016 - 2:22pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Crime is a money spinner here

Comments: I really don't know what can be done to convince our ordinary citizens that crime is a big wasted money spinner here. This is the very reason why there has been no improvement our crime scenario for decades. Perhaps the ;latest disclosure of figure of 32.6 billion dollars spent over the last 6 years which equates to around 5.5 BILLION dollars per year might open their eyes to what is really going on here. Despite all this high expenditure, we are more or less in the same position we were decades ago. We still have a constant high rate of murders, kidnappings, and other serious crimes together with a widespread increase in lawlessness which has even penetrated into schools where children are now dabbling in criminal activities .The main reason behind all this perpetual criminal and developing activity is because crime pays here,and very well indeed. Yes man,ask a politician. The police still without cannot control crime here and the National Minister of Security has given up .He has now run out of ideas of any new crime plans and the police are left to do as they see fit and has in fact now become a law onto themselves.We have no deterrent to hinder the crime of murder. Politicians, however, still keeps dishing out the dosh in massive amounts. Someone is benefiting from a waste of public there is nothing to show for such massive spending. Many of the equipment purchased to fight crime is soon or later found in the local market -place at a knock -down price. This is now become a habitual annual waste of a lot of public money, as we have nothing to show for this expenditure .We neither had no result with regards to the security or any improvement in the safety of our ordinary citizens, They are still being gunned down at an alarming rate, considering the small population of this nation and the vast sums of money supposed to be already spent on fighting crime. The untouchables remain untargeted by the criminals and are living in well -guarded communities secure and prospering from the assets of the nation which is spent to protect themselves and make them even richer, at the expense of the lives of our ordinary citizens. Our politicians want to face the facts, squandering vast amounts of money in efforts to fight crime has become a no no with no positive results whatsoever. We are still at square one,despite all of what could now be considered to some extent, a waste of public money. Yes, man, crime is a money spinner in this nation,There is no doubt about it.
Written by: JoePublic - 5th Oct, 2016 - 11:21am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Bad example for our new generation.examples

Comments: The reasons why nations have politicians,police, judges and teachers etc is that they are supposed to be trained and acquire the knowledge and ability to govern, rule, uphold law and order and to education our up- coming generation by setting good examples. These examples include good morals self -respect and discipline. At present, it is difficult to point the finger at most of our leaders, persons of status or in positions of authority without some doubt about their character or morals. Bearing this in mind it is almost impossible to find young members of the upcoming generation who are not heading in the same direction as their mentors..perhaps without even being aware of it. The proof is in the pudding as our present brigade of senior bad behaved citizens were faced exactly with the same growing adverse principles which were developed in the last five decades of our independence as the younger members of our society are now experiencing. All in all our elected representatives, the police and the judiciary have failed to improve the mentality and logical reasoning of our new generation, and all we could now look forward to is more of the dog eat dog society in the future.
Written by: JoePublic - 4th Oct, 2016 - 12:12pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: CRIME

Comments: In my opinion, there are just too many people of status and in positions of authority on this island who continue to paint pretty pictures of what is really going on here.They do so by verbal utterance or by putting pen to paper via the media. They are continually playing down the seriousness of our crime scenario and the lack of general progress of our nation. Politicians, for instance, portray finance as the most important element in the progress of the nation and forget that the welfare and living conditions of our ordinary citizens are paramount in bringing unity and happiness to our people. The politicians seem quite prepared to keep the nation politically dived by constantly using the race card to perpetuate the division of the two main races. The impression given is that they believe that if they present pretty pictures our problems will go away.They have become immune to everyday crime events here and most of the time turn a blind eye to its effect on our nation and our citizens. They do almost nothing constructive or meaningful to halt the spread of crime here. Politicians here, believe that spending vast amounts of money on equipment to fight crime will resolve the problem .This is something that has been done for decades without any fruitful results. They are failing to face the truth that we are living in a culture of crime, created to a large extent by the failures of our pioneers of local politics after our independence .This is displayed by their personal financial greed in the amounts of corruption cases in high places that have been revealed in the last few decades which encourages more such crimes by those in positions of authority thus making matters worse. They together with the judiciary and the police,are gradually and deliberately eroding the values of punishment for crimes, and in some areas are even trying to hide the amount of crime and lawlessness that exist by not reporting the true incidents of crimes committed. Top of the list is corruption.Those reported are at the apex of this crime and therefore cannot be hidden. Almost all of those committing this crime here are allowed to keep the loot and never end up behind bars. Then there is the widespread criminal money spinner, kidnapping. Last year, for instance, there were 98 kidnappings but only three were reported by the police,and despite reports of kidnappings this year, not one is shown in this year's police statistics. Then there are murders which have shown no decline over the past months.Politicians have so far failed to reach any combined agreement of reinstating the death penalty as a known deterrent.Those senior officials within the police and the legal system have made no attempt whatsoever to contribute to this matter. Politicians,the police, and judiciary cannot continue to govern this nation without the perpetual development of more crimes and lawlessness as long as they continue to live in a make belief world by painting pretty pictures. The nation will, in the end, become a nation where crime will be considered free for all,which seems to be already the case here, bearing in mind the current criminal and lawless trend.
Written by: JoePublic - 20th Sep, 2016 - 3:26pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: Ashton

Title: Criminal activities

Comments: It is unfortunate that we keep tossing the responsibility of "bad behaviour" and correction of same unto the laps of the police force, the politicians, the teachers etc. When is the individual going to take that responsibility? Perhaps if we each see how our actions or in actions foster criminal activities we can then start addressing the growing epidemic within the Nation.
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