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2017 Crime Stats: 274 ? Murders 2 Kidnappings (Ransom)


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Written by: JoePublic - 9th Feb, 2017 - 2:56pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Reporting fall in serious crimes

Comments: I am sure that 50% of anything was and is still considered average and 25% or less was and still is considered a failure.Bearing this in mind I cannot see what the Chief superintendent of the Northern police division is crowing about when he declares in public that there was a 23% fall in serious crimes in 2016 in his division. Now, on a small island like this where everyone more or less know who is who and with a large police force such as ours and bearing in mind the large amount of crimes being committed here, in my opinion at least half of the local crimes in any district should be resolved.annually to show that some real effort is being made to stem the flow of our galloping crime. What has been demonstrated by the low percentage of fallen crime in any division goes to show that the criminals still have the upper hand here and the police are making no headway and are failing to meet the challenge. Now our citizens especially members of our security services which includes the policed must face the reality of the situation.Criminals must be psychically apprehended,charged and brought to trial and if found guilty awarded the due punishment. Turning to God for help by praying is not going to making these things happen, neither is it going to make the culprit surrender himself to the police. No.this is impossible.The matter of religion has a different meaning to each individual .It relates to the inner man and his soul. It was never meant to resolve any such adverse events in which criminals or any other human group partake. Our police officers must get down to earth and stop look at the heavens for help.They must get out of their cars and comfortable police stations .and get out on foot patrols and form relationships with community leaders in order to get inside information about potential and hardened criminals in their districts. If I was a senior officer in any district here I certainly won't disclose to the public that the bottom of the barrel is being scraped in order to show the public such poor results in fallen serious crimes in my division.
Written by: JoePublic - 8th Feb, 2017 - 11:49am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: It is really unbelievable the audacity being displayed by Mr Rowley and other senior members of the PNM political party when they complain of being frustrated with the amount of murders,lawlessness and other crimes here. It gives the impression since this is voiced via the media, that they are seeking sympathy from the ordinary citizens. These politicians are at it again, playing at politics. They are failing to realize why they were elected. May I wish to remind them why they were elected. They were elected because they said that under the governorship of the opposition that the country was in a mess and they promised eto sort out all our woes, when the got into the corridors of power. They have in fact done nothing at all since they took office in this respect. All they seem interested in is with the finances of the nation, and one could bet this has to do with feathering their own nests.With regards to the history of our crime scenario. Crime has been a problem here since after our independence which must indicate that something is not right with the approach to the governance of this nation by our locally elected politicians,bearing in mind that we had very little crime here prior to our independence. Our political pioneers since our independence seem to generate a mountain of various crimes here since they took control from our colonial masters. This brigade of moaning politicians are well aware what some of the key solutions are to curb our expanding crime and lawlessness problems here .They are well informed of what the majority of the population wants, but have chosen to do nothing in fact, they have run out of ideas. They do not even have a crime plan which was disclosed by Mr Dillon in a recent statement,and they are now trying yet again to pull the wool over the eyes of our citizens by complaining of how they feel about crime here. They have now run out of new ineffective ideas offered by their constant lip service and are now trying new adopting to the traditional tactics of the local smart men in order to gain sympathy from the public. If they want to remain in power, they must take the bull by the horn now,by restoring the death penalty and commence the immediate hangings of our already convicted killers. They must also seek outside help with regards the policing this nation. The police and the judiciary must be urgently reformed. If these things are not done now we could look forward to more lamenting from these politicians who promised to put the nation back on the right track during their political canvassing and when they came into power.
Written by: JoePublic - 29th Jan, 2017 - 12:27pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: It will be a god-send if the AG and the Prime Minister stop the bleating about the constant rate of murders here and do the two main and necessary things that are now essential to halt the present murder spree. They want to agree to call a State of Emergency followed immediately by restoring the death penalty and start hanging those already convicted killers, We just can't go on like this. Something drastic must be done NOW. To delay the inevitable is only going to cause more unnecessary murders on this island. Politicians governing this nation must act quickly to show that they do care about the people of this nation.
Written by: JoePublic - 27th Jan, 2017 - 12:49pm Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Title: Crime statistics

Comments: Since the hangings of Dole Chadee and members of his gang in 1999 when the annual murder rate was 93 there have been 6153 murders recorded here, which is an average of 342 per year. Yet despite the increase in police manpower which now stands at around 7000 men and a supply of many modern forms of equipment we are still faced ith an annual high murder rate on this piece of earth measuring 60 x 40 miles with many areas still uninhabited. Moreover, this is not the only connected crime problem to this scenario. Since it is now obvious that our police are making no headway in stemming the flow of murders by apprehending the killers who have now become repeated offenders it has generated other aspects of lawlessness here. It is, therefore, essential that the death penalty is restored immediately in order to stem the flow of our violent murders.The problem now, of course, is to catch these killers before the figures start to escalate. Since we have stopped hangings in the country, the murder rate has accelerated beyond our expectation, so has other rates of serious crimes.This is a perpetual trend which is evident by our past record of statistics.
Written by: JoePublic - 23rd Jan, 2017 - 9:44am Trinidad Safety Reply
Name: George

Comments: The problem with regards to murders here is not necessarily too many guns. It is simply that we have too many habitual killers on the loose. Most of these killers are old hands at the act of violent murders. The police failure to catch them is the main cause for the expansion of the slaughter of so many of our citizens on a daily basis. In America for example, every citizen has the right to carry a firearm, However, the daily rate of murders in that country with a population of 309 million people is insignificant in comparison to ours. Moreover, many states in the USA still use execution as the main retribution to halt the expansion of violent murders and those who don't, such as Ohio, are now again reinstating the death penalty. The culture of guns and its associated violence was first introduced into this country via our police by the pioneers of our politics after our independence.They decided that our police needed guns to deal with our hardened criminals. In fact, this had more to do with 'kick backs' than a police essential requirement. In order to retaliate against the police the gun became a 'must have item; for our hardened criminals and today, it remains the main instrument in the act of murders on this island.It encouraged other crimes such as kidnappings which still is a criminal money spinner on this island, despite what the politicians and the police will like us to believe, In my opinion, we have now left with two alternatives in order to stem the flow of our ever increasing murder rate.The first, is to reinstate the death penalty now and commence the hangings of those killers already found guilty of this violent crime. The second which seem now impossible is to apprehend those loose killers and imprison them for life which in the end will be a burden on our Treasury funds as it would mean that sooner than later new prisons will have to be built which will cost the nation an arm and a leg to maintain. If however, the police happen to catch our present brigade of roaming killers we could look forward to more rogue citizens joining the brigade of these violent killers. Politicians and the members of the police hierarchy must stop making excuses for their failures in dealing effectively with the widespread lawlessness, serious crimes, and murderers on this island.They must restore the death penalty now.
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